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1:17 pm Tuesday, 10th January, 2012

Girls, I have a question that requires answering.... if only the first 2 inches of a cock are of any use why is it that so many woman want a bloke who is hung like a donkey or a cock that's as thick..


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1:06 pm Tuesday, 10th January, 2012

Woke up early doors and thought about the best way to burn off the excesses of Christmas and New Year. Do I....
(a) drive to the gym, sweat my bollocks off for an hour and hope that I've burned..

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11:54 am Sunday, 8th January, 2012

I love looking at pussies. I'm fascinated by the shapes of each one. They are so unique and beautiful x ..

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10:38 pm Friday, 28th October, 2011

I'm fascinated reading the profiles of the individuals I come across. It never ceases to amaze me how we as human beings crave to be loved or love..

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