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Finally Spring! Golf Season Is Here

4:11 pm Friday, 29th March, 2019

I got out to play golf yesterday, for the first time this season.  The weather was warm enough(around 50 degrees fahrenheit), not too windy, and not raining.   I ran into a couple of the regulars, so we played together.  It made things mostly social, as we caught each other up on our off season doings.  That was fortunate, because I was - as to be expected - terrible.  My playing partners weren't much better.  We decided not to keep score, fortunately.  As it is too early to in the year to properly cut the greens, putting was a challenge, but that's pretty much expected this time of year.  It will be a couple weeks before they are ready to be cut properly.   And today, the arthritis in my spine and shoulders is giving me fits!  So, all in all, it was a great time!  

On the kink front, there's been a lot of talk but no action.  I keep missing people on chat, or have no time  when I get one of those form emails.  One of these days I'll get lucky and a couple of the folks on here I'd really like to talk to.

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Could really use a good, hard spanking or three

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