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Seduced by young woman

3:42 pm Friday, 22nd February, 2019

I am in my early forties, and am no Brad Pitt, or more appropriately , Shah Rukh Khan ( google him, Bollywood star) so don't expect much nowadays. I applaud the rise of feminism but one by product is to make everyone wary of how one communicates with anybody.

I do a lot of consulting and am generally useless with names so I tend to call everyone Honey, Love, Sister, or Brother. I got pulled up recently for being "over familiar" !

Anyways, recently this gorgeous woman who was only 21 started getting very familiar with me: hugging, always kissing on the lips as a hello and goodbye. She started to ask me when we would go out?

I thought she was being polite, and laughed it off until I said how a bout this Friday? To my shock she said great but it would have to be in London as she would there during the day.

I booked a Michelin starred restuarant but was in quandry, was this just a new thing among youngsters, friendly night out or was it more?  I asked for advice and got the usual mix of answers; be careful, go for it and every thing inbetween. On the day, we met for drinks for at her works. Very fancy location, and even more confused as to why she would allow her work collegues to be introduced to me?

she was introducing me around and she introduced one of her Directors, a man in his fifties. As he walked away, my date said he's wierd. I asked how so? Just he acts strange, my mouth opened before I could think and I said thats because he wants to fuck you! She stood opened mouth, and then said "no, mmm, probably but no chance"

What it did do is open the gates to a dirty and sexy conversation. I was still confused as I have friends who are female and I have filthy conversations with but would never indulge.

As we left, we were walking down by the river.We stopped to look out, I thought its now or never, and started to fell her up, no reactions! Until I got to her bum under her dress, and went exploring, she suddnly said "What are you doing?"

I thought "Uh Ho," you've gone to far, here comes the backlash.....she said......

"Get behind me so no one can see what you are doing, everyone has a cameraphone nowadays"

The smile on my face was wider than the proverbial Cheshire Cats! The rest of the night we indulged although I was angry with myself that I hadn't booked a room. SO bgean a short but passionate affair.

Moral of the story is don't overthink the situation, if someone finds you attractive, take it at face value and enjoy!

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3:51 pm Friday, 22nd February, 2019

I don't know, have tried to edit but posting keeps adding random **** and there not even rude words. first is dinner, second is grey haired so moderators must have their reasons

8:31 pm Thursday, 2nd May, 2019


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Fit, Successful Asian Male still looking for fun

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