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First casual dinner meetup : Ended with breakfast !

5:07 am Saturday, 12th January, 2019

This is about the event that took place between us and this young horny couple several weeks ago. It was our first casual meetup. (with whom we decided to extend the relationship).

Two weeks prior to that, the other husband and I chated and exchanged some edited pictures before the two of us decided to meet up casually. Purpose was to see the unedited pictures of the wives before the next step.

On the day we were supposed to meet, my wife wanted to go shopping so my wife also joined to meet that hubby. We showed the family pics off the phones and chatted about our experiences and he felt very comfortable with us. Decided that all 4 meet up soon. Within two days, he had the greenlight from his wife and we decided to meet up for Dinner on a Friday. Explored several options and finally settled for a beach side restaurant. 8 pm Friday.

Friday came and we went early because I had to pick my wife from home in order to avoid Friday traffic. Reached the restaurant by 7:30. By 8 we got the message from his wife, " I'm ready he's getting ready and late as usual." At 8:30 we got the message, "On our way." We appreciated the updates via SMS ; one of the greatest qualities of respectable humans.

Although late, the wait was worth it. We ordered some cocktails and had a pleasant dinner over a very interesting chat. We later figured that the lady was convinced because of the conversation we carried out and all decisions that were made and agreed afterwards was due to this comfort factor.

Never realised that we were the last to leave the place although the bill was closed a bit early. Saw the waiters and the two expact waitresses getting busy cleaning the place.. maybe hinting us as well.
Never realised that we talked so much and lost track of time. Original plan was to just sit on the sand in front of the restaurant and continue our conversation but a light drizzle told us not to do so. To our surprise, the two birds immediately invited us to their house for coffee. We also felt we had not finished our conversation for the day. It must have been past 11 in the night.

Went to their place and got comfortable. Got ourselves a good strong coffee and continued with our chats. It was past 2 am and sleep never creeped in. The conversation went so well that I finally popped an unplanned question (the two girls did not see that coming) but the hubby had been planning to suggest the same : I read his mind ! This is what happens when two horny males get together in the presence of two horny women. We were not prepared : no condoms and the wives were not gone through the usual grooming exercises.

So we began to scratch our heads on how to find the imported condoms at 1:30 am in the night while the wives figured how to groom themselves ! Called one 24 hour supermarket and they said pharmacy was closed and cannot buy condoms !! "Do we need a pharmacy to give out condoms ?" commented the other hubby. We did a Google search and got a hit on condom vending machines in the city. Yes we have condom vending machines in this country. But they only dispense local brands.

I did a few more searches and end up with a hit to a shop in the city. This is a 20 foot container turned into a small 24x7 mini supermarket. I called the guy and ask whether the shop is open. "Yes Bro," was the enthusiastic answer. He seemed high. Out of nowhere.. I was his " Bro !"

"Do you have condoms, " I asked.
"Yes Bro !"
"Do you have imported condoms ?"
"Yes Bro!"

This was magic to our ears!!

It took us jusy 15 minutes to go there at that time in the morning. Would have taken 90 minutes at day time ! That shop also had all the imported drinks, snacks, chips, chocolates etc.

So we got what we wanted and dashed back to the house. By the time we came, the two damsels had washed, groomed themselves in the correct places and had got themselves into comfortable sexy night dresses. My wife had slipped into one of her night dresses. It was such an elegant site to see them both chatting comfortably in their sexy outfits.

It was finally our turn to get washed and get comfy. All four settled in at the sitting room and had another coffee before we swapped and departed to two separate rooms soon afterwards. It must have been 3 am. What happened in the rooms was pretty amaizing to both parties. The suspense and intrigue had got us ready for some sensual and wild sex. We did not sleep till 5:30 am.

When we got up in the morning, we were requested to stay for breakfast with their open hearted hospitality again.. just like the midnight coffee and whatever happened after 3 am.

A week later we all met up as a family and had a day out. Several week afterwards, we had a great time in Mirissa. I posted that blog before this one.

Sometimes, unforgetable experiences and memories are created when certain acts and decisions are made unplanned and spontaneously.

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4:32 pm Saturday, 12th January, 2019

Wow nice

8:55 pm Monday, 14th January, 2019

Yep.. the 24x7 container tuck shop next to Flemingo in Horton Place is just bloody brilliant

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1:24 am Wednesday, 16th January, 2019


6:46 am Monday, 21st January, 2019

Wow unbelievable meetup superb 

5:53 pm Wednesday, 23rd January, 2019

woww great keep it up...

10:36 am Tuesday, 5th February, 2019

You write well bro, pls keep it up. BTW, We always ensure to be prepared. because we do lots of unprepared tours too. (Who knows what will happen next) so we have a emergency bag in the car with some condoms, Lubes, extra dress, Undies set, Bath towel and toiletries for our own safety.  

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11:59 am Tuesday, 5th February, 2019

Ha ha.. good one. 

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9:01 am Sunday, 3rd March, 2019


3:04 pm Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

Grate intersting flow. I felt that I was there in the seen. Keep writing ur experance. BZ

10:09 am Friday, 5th April, 2019

Bro, this is amazing, you have written it nicrly. Plese share your experinces infutur aswell. I read all your blogs one after one

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