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Purple Mascara Friday !!

9:59 pm Friday, 11th January, 2019

I recently discovered and accepted my Bi sexuality. I feel so much happier and relieved now to be able to express this side of me. When I am near a woman who feels the same, I feel tingly all over... It is such a rush I have never experienced with a man. I don't want or need toys or strap ons, that's what I have my husband for... I want sensual, passionate and intimate experiences with both my husband and a woman.
Our search hasn't been easy. We broke up with our first gf a week ago. But I know like anything worth having it doesn't come easy... it takes time and effort. This is me sending out my vibes for the girl of our dreams to enter our lives. I am so excited about 2019 !! It has sure started off amazing !! Happy New Year and good luck to you all !! -- Miranda xoxo

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Hot couple looking for bi female to play with.

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