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Gray Area and Silver Lining Pt.4

5:41 pm Friday, 11th January, 2019

From there, I thought of defining the relationship. DTR in the words of the millennials.
I suggested to be his FWB if he is not yet ready to commit. Again, he refused.
If I cannot be the girlfriend, what should I be? What should you call someone you are exclusively dating?
After I hung up the phone, I never heard from him… ever. I am not even sure if he had been reading the messages that I sent him on all platforms that I have access.
Definitely, I was enraged at first. Sad. …to accepting. I even came to a point that hatred has left my heart, and all I want for him was to talk to me and come around.
It is already a little over 2 weeks, still no word from him.
I am giving him the time and the space he needs. Apparently, all I want for him was to eventually talk to me and tell me if he will come back or not. I am willing to wait for him if he wants to come back. If he does not… it is fine. At least, he will not leave me with and in the gray area.
I even have no qualms to be friends with him like I have been with some friends that I somehow dated in the past.
Once I developed strong connection with people, I do not want it to go to waste.
At the end of it all, even if I got hurt in the process, I still see the good in people, and the silver lining in the situation.

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