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How controlling is too Controlling?

11:37 am Friday, 11th January, 2019

So to be clear, what I want is control. But why do men like me want control? Probably because of the chaos and lack of control in their daily lives. More curious is why do women want to be controlled. If you ask a room full of women if the have watched or read shades of grey most will put their hands up. Ask a room full of men the same question and you will be lucky to find one. But at root the reason is similar I suspect. In lives filled with chaos a little certainty is pleasing. Sensually exciting even. And role playing is always fun, is it not? So I need a couple of subs to meet very very very occasionally. Discreetly even. And when we meet you make no decisions and do nothing without permission. And this site may prove a suitable vehicle for finding the girls I want. Or not. We shall see won't we? So what does obedience mean? It means all the little things. For example it means when we are out at a meal, I order for us both and you don't get consulted. It means total control when we are alone. The details of total control I leave to your imagination but there are always always safewords and I can be curiously gentle and loving. Sometimes. Other times if I say crawl you crawl. So what sort of girls? And how many? Just one or two. And severally not together. What sort of girls? To be honest as long as you are subs then I don't give a fuck. 18 to 80 is fine. Though in reality it is unlikely I would want to spend time with someone under 21 whilst on the other hand older than me doesn't work either. Which gives you plenty of scope because I am fucking old. As a general rule however, what I find is old chickens make the best soup because they are more eager to please. And I like to be pleased. Plus old chickens are more forgiving and though I shall do my best to please you by fucking hell out of you, I am no young stud. I am an old stag. So. You up for this kinda thing? Of course you are. You're a girl so you're a risk taker. Most women like a little spice. Life gets dull otherwise perhaps. And limits and roles are satisfying. This is not a dominant daddy / little girl sort of thing. I don't want you unless you can behave like a sophisticated woman. But this is a master / sub sort of thing. I do not like the expression master / servant because that seems to me distasteful. But you are the flower and i am the bee. I fuck and you get fucked. I am the hammer and you are the anvil. And if I say jump you say, 'How high, Master?' So be good. If you can. x

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Dominant and demanding; but affectionate

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