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Workaholics - Satan in my panties

11:07 am Thursday, 10th January, 2019

The smell of oil was heady and made me breathe deeply. My hands were dripping as my fingers circled his nipples and my forearms sank into his bare torso like butter. I wanted to look up and make eye contact with him as he lay under me. But he pushed my head down and thrust his cock deep into my throat. I thought I would gag if I didn’t bite. But slowly, the taste drove me mad with longing. I nibbled the hair on his cock and licked his shaft faster and faster as my pussy throbbed. And then his hands found me. His left hand traced my bent back and a shiver ran down my spine. His right hand squeezed my 36DD boobs like massive lemons, slid down my torso and slapped my pussy as I tightened it.
He licked his fingers and thrust them into my pussy one by one. Oh God! How can anyone not moan when the Devil starts possessing you? Deeper and deeper his finger went. He licked my wetness noisily, slurping it like he has been thirsty all his life and then the fingers went back in. Two fingers. Three. Four. I cried out when the fist went in. Oh! Oh God! I was so wet that his hand was slipping. So I pulled it out and licked it clean. He pulled my hair gently. It was time to ride him like a wild bull. His shaft went in like a finger inside a wedding ring. Round and round I moved my hips. I wanted to grind him so hard.His nipples were rock hard in the cold and his hands were squeezing my ass.
“Spank me, baby!” I cried out.
He slapped me right across the face. My ears were ringing. His fingers clutched my hair and yanked them back. He could see all of my nakedness as I gyrated on his cock. I clenched my pussy tighter with each jerk. He smiled and curled his lips. My breasts were about to come off. Yes, his hands were merciless as he pulled and shook them, pinching my nipples so hard that I moaned with my eyes closed.
And then we went faster. He switched on the video as I bounced, my tongue lazily tracing my purple lip colour as my breasts struggled to stay within his free hand.
“Harder, slut!” he growled. “You’re my slut today and everyday. Your breasts are a pillow for my face. I wanna milk you like a cow and bite them till they are red.” – he was barely audible. I felt like I was in a spacecraft, about to take off on that thick brown cock of his – my Launchpad.
On and on and on and on we fucked, like animals in heat. His nails left marks on my back that made me pull his ears and lick his lips with my tongue. Satan was rocking me like a wild stallion and I wasn’t gonna get off this horse.
“Yeah! Oh! Harder! Fuck my cunt and make me bleed!” I screamed.
We were a blur. We weren’t in this world anymore. We were vibrating together in a river of sweat. So wet that we smelled like each other. And then the shiver came. Pleasure ran like electricity down my spine.
Satan had claimed my G spot and made me his bitch for all eternity.
His cum spurted inside my mouth and as I swallowed, our chests heaved and fell in rhythm. We were together, fucking to announce our arrival in Hell. 😈

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