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Our first real cuckold experience - 3

8:32 pm Sunday, 9th September, 2018

Here are some more erotic challenges from Mr R for my wife. They are getting more intimate. I mixed some fantasy to make them more exciting.

Challenge 6
By this time, both of us felt comfortable visiting R's apartment. R called in the morning of our next jogging date. He wanted to drop by his apartment 30 minutes before we start jogging. I had an idea on what would R's challenge like that day. Piyumi might also had some clue. However we didn't talk to each other about it.

R kept the main door open for us and had asked us to come and be seated in the living area until he comes out of his bed room. He heard us coming in. 

"Piyumi and Piyal is that you guys?" R asked from the room.

"No. We are some thieves." my wife giggled.

"Hey Piyumi, I'm masturbating looking at a picture of your ass" R was loud.

It made Piyumi silent. She felt a bit embarrassed by that. It caused an hard-on for me. R masturbating in his bedroom thinking about my wife made me very horny.

I cuddled Piyumi until R comes out. About 10 minutes after we arrived, R came out of the room wearing nothing but a towel. I saw a trace of his erected penis over the towel. I saw that Piyumi also noticed that. 

"Now you two can go in. You can do what ever you like with it."  R said and went in to another room to change in to the jogging outfit.

We went in the bed room. As I expected, Piyumi's panties that were given to R the other day was on the bed. It was kept in a way that the thin strip of cloth that covers her pussy and ass is spread on the bed. On that strip there was a lot of fresh cum spread on it. The cum was still white in color. The smell is strong. The cum was absorbed by the panties and they were getting soaking wet. There was a huge load of cum on the panties exactly on the spot that her clitoris touches.

Piyumi looked at me asking what to do. 

"Shall I help you to wear it?" I asked. 

"Are you sure?" She asked back in a lower voice.

"Yes. I'm sure. R is disease free." was my answer. She knows that I am a cum lover. R also knows about it.

"Ok then." She sat on the bed and first removed her running shoes. Then her leggings. She was wearing another pair of panties. 

"Shall I keep this on too?" she hesitated to remove it. She shyly looked around.

"Remove it too. Feel this on your bare flesh." I urged. She reluctantly removed the panties she wore from home.

Now she is naked from her hip down in a bedroom in a strangers house. It might made her exciting and horny. 

I carefully took the cum soaked panties and slid them up along my wife's legs. Once it touched her crotch, 

"Ew... it is strange." she screamed.

"Lift it more." I requested. She did. The thin material of the panties cladded to her crotch and ass. Since there was a lot of cum inside, it made even the outside of the panties wet. Someone else's cum was all over my wife's pussy. That though made me more hornier.

"This is so wet that I cant wear the leggings with this baba." My wife said.

It was true. If she wore the leggings they will get wet too. 

"Wear the other panties on top of this. That will solve the problem." I suggested. She agreed. 

By the time Piyumi and I came out of the room, R was ready to leave for jogging. 

"How do you feel inside your panties?" R asked Piyumi.

"Wet and slippery." was her abrupt answer. 

"Do you feel strange when you walk?" R asked again.

Piyumi smiled, looked at me and said "I have done that before". 

It was true, we have done this many times. I loved to keep her pussy wet and slippery with cum after we had sex. We have done many adventurous cummy walks before. But this time it was not my cum. It was someone else's cum. That was a big difference and it made me very horny.

That day we did jogging as usual. Even though Piyumi was wearing two panties, the cum started to leak out on her second round. Since she was sweating too, it doesn't look obvious. But we decided to stop jogging early to avoid unnecessary attractions.

However we chatted some time near our cars. We discussed about a lot of erotic topics there. The smell of cum from Piyumi was getting stronger. It was making me more hornier.

I wanted to go home and look at and feel Piyumi's pussy and ass that might be slippery due to R's cum. So we called it a day. As soon as we came home, we started to kiss and stripped off our cloths. Piyumi was only wearing the panties that was soaking wet with R's cum. I was naked. We cuddled and kissed each other. I felt that my dick was getting wet with R's cum when it got pressed on to her panties. It gave me a great pleasure. I ground my dick and balls on her wet panties. After sometime my dick and balls also got wet and slippery. 

I slid her panties down. It was heavy due to the wetness and it dropped on to the ground exposing her slippery crotch and ass. I started to grind my dick and balls all over her crotch and ass going around her. Our thighs, hips also got wet and slippery.  When my erect cock slips between her slippery ass cheeks, hip, thighs and crotch it also gave me a great pleasure.

I put her on the bed and ask her to keep her legs wide spread. Her pussy lips were apart. Everything was wet and slippery. I started to rub her mound with my palm. She started to moan and ground her ass to the same rhythm.  My palm slipped on her round bulky mound. It rubbed the clitoris well. I felt R's cum under my palm. At the same time, I noticed that Piyumi's pussy was also oozing juice. Before a minute pass, she had her first orgasm. Then I mounted her. I fucked her like a crazy person. It must be a very noisy session. I was massaging her boobs with my slippery hands. I was enjoying the strong smell of cum from the beginning.  I couldn't last long due to my excitement. So I came deep inside her. 

I noticed that Piyumi was also closer to another orgasm. So I quickly laid on the bed on my back. She mounted me and started to ride my still erect dick. Before it get limp, she managed to achieve her second orgasm while moaning loud.

We washed the cloths and ourselves after that.

It was a great day for both of us. 

To avoid repetition I will summerize the next two challenges.

Challenge 7

The next day we were invited to R's apartment after jogging. Once we went their, R asked me whether I allow him to cum on my wife's ass while she was wearing her panties. He knows that I'm a cum lover and my wife is an exhibitionist. This should give pleasure to all three of us. So I agreed. From that moment onward, I was having a huge hard-on. This is the first time that my wife let another man to cum on her body in-front of me. If you have read our first blog post, you might know that it had already happened. But that was not in-front of me. I only heard about it from my wife. This time it was a live show for me. So I was so excited.

All three of us went in to the bed room. 

"You take the control." I requested R.

"Ok. Thanks. Piyumi, can you remove your pants and kneel on my bed doggy style?" R didn't hesitate even for a second. He took the control.

Piyumi looked at me for permission. 

"You heard him." was my only answer. My dick was full erect. I couldn't wait to see what is going to happen.

Piyumi sat on the bed and removed her shoes first. Then she reluctantly removed her stretchy jogging pants, took it to her hands and close her crotch with it. I took it from her hand and kept it aside. Her panties were visible. She was still sitting on the bed. R understood that she finds it difficult to do it when both of us are there.

"Ok. I'll go out for a moment. When I come back in, make sure you are in doggy style only with your panties on. You can keep your top"
R went out of the room. She felt comfortable. So she did what R asked. She knelt on that bed. The white bed sheet and her body color were contrasting each other.  Her thong type cream color panties where cladded to her ass crease and crotch.  Oh dear.  What a scenery. I have seen this many times before, but in a strangers room getting ready to display it to a stranger is new. I couldn't resist the urge of giving a soft slap to her round brown buttocks. A side of her pussy lips had come out of the thin strip of cloth of her panties. She adjusted the panties to cover her pussy and asshole properly. Then she said "ready!" and raised her ass and lower her bust. Wow! Then her ass looked bigger. Her waist looked smaller. She knows that her ass is very sexy this way. She knew that R was going to see that sexy asset of her and get aroused a lot. That satisfied one of her exhibitionist fantasies. I knew that she liked this pose.R came in. "Holy cow!" was his first expression. He was gazing at the great ass of my wife. It was so sexy. I felt very proud and happy. My wife kept her eyes closed. But she was also enjoying the fact that R had gone craze over her ass.He was wearing a white towel. I could see his full erect cock. He moved back and went close to the door to give them some room. R took out his huge dick from the towel. I saw it live for the first time. It looked very heavy. It was black in color and full of veins. He had apply some lube on it. Therefore it was glistening. As soon as he touched it the dark skin moved back and the brown top emerged. It was a very nice tool. What a shame! my wife cant see that beautiful cock. Her eyes were closed. R started to masturbate. It was a bit odd to look at it. So I looked out of the room. But time to time I had a look at that sexy scenery. R was jacking off his big dick few inches away from my wife. My wife is arching her round brown big ass towards R. Her panties only covered her crotch and ass crease. The rest of the sexy skin of her ass is on display. R was looking at this great ass. He didn't touch it even though he wanted to squeeze it badly. Jacking off went for a long time. The sound of "chuck chuck" that came out of his slippery dick was arousing. I'm sure Piyumi was enjoying that "chuck chuck" sound.After about 10 minutes of continuous masturbation R announced that he was going to cum. Piyumi raised her back some more and lower her bust some more. "Oh... I'm cumming..." R started to moan while ejecting streams of cum on to my wife's round brown big ass. First few streams hit her ass cheeks and the part of the panties between her ass cheeks. But a large stream of cum hit the part of panties right on her pussy. R ejected a lot more cum that I usually do. After finished cumming, he wagged his dick to drop the last drops of cum on to her ass. "Stay like this for a minute"Then he went in to the bath room to wash his hands. After coming back from the bathroom R was looking at Piyumi's sexy ass and enjoying the view. I also joined him. It was a very sexy view for me. My wife's ass and panties were soaking wet with someone else's fresh cum. My dick was throbbing inside my underwear. After about a minute or two, the cum started to get thinner and transparent. I could see the cum that hit the part of panties on her pussy has created a huge patch there. I wanted to go home quickly and fuck her.So I helped her to wear the jogging pants back. The cum was leaked to it too. But since we are going home, it didn't matter. R gave us one of his towels to put on the car seat.As soon as we came home we had a great sex session. Piyumi was aroused a lot. She acted like a porn star that day. I felt very lucky. R was looking at her ass and masturbated. I was squeezing it, slapping it and fucking her. It was a great feeling. Her first orgasm gave a great pleasure and she moaned loud. I couldn't last long after Piyumi's first orgasm. But I helped Piyumi to reach another orgasm by fingering her. She was biting the pillow to control her moans.
Challenge 8===========
That day R invited us to visit him before jogging. We were so excited about the last challenge. All three of us enjoyed it a lot. R explained me what he had in mind for that day. It was a big step ahead. I agreed and asked him to take control.We all went in to R's bed room. "Piyumi, today, I'm going to cum on your sexy boobs." R said to her. As usual she looked at me. I smiled."So, please remove your top and bra and sit on the bed." R said.This time R didn't went away. Piyumi first removed her top. Then she unhooked her bra. She removed it very slowly. Wow! Her well shaped round boobs were full naked. Her nipples were already hard. I could see she was having goose bumps on her breast. She started to cover the nipples of her breast with her hands. "Put your hands down" was R's command. Piyumi obeyed.R stood up in front of Piyumi. Oh man! R's big black dick was going to be few inches away of my wife's face. She was going to enjoy that erotic view. This gave me a throbbing hard-on.  This time R dropped the towel and became naked completely. Piyumi first looked at me. She looked a lot embarrassed. I signaled her to look at it. She slowly turned her head and looked at it. It was a very erotic view. R had applied lube. It was glistening. The veins were throbbing. The light brown top of his dick was about a feet away from her face. R's balls were swaying backward and forward to the rhythm of shagging. Piyumi's boobs started to get more and more hard.  R was gazing at them while masturbating. "chuck chuck" sound was sexy."If you want to squeeze your boobs, please go ahead" R said.I also though Piyumi wanted to do that. She started to rub her palms on the boobs. She squeezed her nipples time to time. I was sure she was enjoying the show and boob massage. Initially she was looking away from R's dick most of the time. But after about 5 minutes of shagging, she felt comfortable looking directly at R's dick and balls. After about 10 minutes of shagging, R said "I'm going to cum". Piyumi arched her bust forward. Then the boobs started look bigger. "Oh .... Here I cum ....."R moved his dick closer to Piymi's breast. He started to eject streams of cum on to my wife's boobs. Piyumi suddenly shivered when they hit her. He aimed well. He managed to distribute his cum equally on both of her boobs. My wife's boobs are covered with someone else's cum. It was so sexy. I wanted to squeeze them and massage them. But R wanted her to wear the bra and get ready for jogging. I couldn't jog much that day due to my continuous hard on. That day after we came home, I removed her top and bra and started to massage and squeeze her slippery boobs. Our bed room was full of smell of R's cum. I let Piyumi to ride me while I was squeezing her boobs. We enjoyed a lot that day. "How was his dick?" I asked her after her first orgasm, while she was riding me."I only saw it. Can't tell much. Mmmm... seems very heavy and thick" She answered while riding. "Do you like to play with it?" I asked."Are you trying to start a dirty talk? Ok then.... yes I love to play with it" She answered smiling."Do you like to get fucked by that?" I was also close to cum."Oh yes... I love to get fucked hard by that big fat dick..... " She enjoyed saying that. May be thinking that too. She increased the speed of her ride. Few seconds later "oh... I'm cumming ... oh... oh... ah... ah.........."  she had an extended orgasm. I also came in her just after she stopped moaning.To be continued...

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10:01 am Monday, 10th September, 2018

Waiting for the admin to approve the masked text. Enjoy and give us your feedback. 

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4:49 pm Monday, 10th September, 2018

Come on... fantacy portion is minute here. This is more than 90% true. I get the same level of satisfaction by reading this too. Great writing skills. I'm feeling lucky. - R

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Wow, alway a good read...

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Wow grafe one gys.try more 

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ebonycpl36.. its fantastic... to be honest, u r a good writer too.. u can make others cum by reading this...and i must say , you are a classy couple... Congrats to ur lifestyle and hope to read more and more of you.. thx and cheers...

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waiting for part 4

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Please suggest more challenges so that R can use them on my wife. We love to read your comments.

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Western Guy with villa in Kandy experience in cuckold with  Asian couples both straight and bi 

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why dont you make Piyumi give you both challenges !!!

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Kepp it going guys... 👍👍👍

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Lol... Been there, done that awesome. 

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Lol... Been there, done that awesome. 

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Where is the best part? Waiting to read them from your POV. 

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4:13 am Wednesday, 26th September, 2018

We will post the rest of the adventures very soon. Thanks for the hot comments and messages.

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Awaiting to read your next challenge it's really interesting

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Wow....! Really arousing..! Keep it up..!

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Wow its awesome dr...keep it up gys waiting to read nexs step...

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Keep posting 

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Waiting for another part eagerly......

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I really enjoy be the third  player in cuckold relationships or fantasies both with experienced and in experience couples 

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8:24 pm Sunday, 10th February, 2019

hello, where are the other stories friend..... waiting for new one....

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