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A Morning To Remember

3:28 pm Thursday, 6th September, 2018

She had invited him over for a late dinner. She knew he had worked late and missed dinner. After a delicious repast they were both tired so, after showering separately, they settled in for a good night's rest.

He awoke first. They had passed out lying on their own sides of the bed but the chilly air in her studio apartment had caused them to move closer throughout the night. They had ended up side by side, her back to him. Her ample backside was nestled comfortably against his upper thighs. Her hair, still ever so slightly damp from her shower, had been what caused him to awaken. The fresh flowery scent of her favorite soap was like a pied piper, calling him forth from a restful slumber.

He moved his head closer to her hair, sharing her pillow as he drew in the magic scent deeply. His movement had caused her round buttocks to perfectly match up with his crotch. Her soft, warm body felt like heaven against him. His body began to react naturally to her touch, his life's fluid rushing to fill his member.

Not wanting to wake her he tried to back his growing maleness away from her. Her body missed his warmth against her and, with a sigh of wanting, she instinctively moved back till they were once again in contact, crotch to ass. Once that was achieved she wiggled her hips a bit finding just the right fit for their nestled bodies.

The impromptu lap dance did nothing to calm him down. In fact, the movement encouraged his penis to full erection. Of course by now he was beginning to surrender to the lustful thoughts that had begun to flow through his brain when their thighs had met. His hands, that had been under the pillows, now slid to the back of her neck. He gently pulled the object of his first attraction, her perfectly scented hair, to his face. He reveled in the silky softness of it, the delicious scent sending waves of need down his body to his now rock hard manhood.

He kept her hair to his face with his left hand. His right hand began to explore. It moved, as if of its on volition, from her hair to the back of her neck, gently caressing where it met her shoulder. Still trying not to awaken her, he slowly, gently moved his hand from the back of her shoulder to the side and then the front. He gently brushed her right breast as he brought his hand down and around toward her belly.

That's when he was surprised. Her hand gently grasped his and brought it back up till it was nestled between her breasts. Her hips, still perfectly mated with his crotch, begin to move slowly and sensually, First up and down then in slow circles against him. His breathing began to quicken as her hips danced slowly against his body, sending feelings of lustful wanting through him like lightning.

He opened his hand and cupped her left breast gently. He slowly began to massage it, his movements perfectly in time with the movements of her butt against his crotch. It was then that she let him know that she was indeed awake, grasping the hand against her breast, making sure he squeezed it just the way she liked it. She whispered in a lustful tone, " what a perfect feeling to wake up to. I love feeling you against me like this!!!"

She took his hand from her breast and moved it down her body, sliding it over her belly, till it reached her crotch. She brushed it up and down over her covered sex, moaning slightly as her body reacted to the silky feeling of her panties against clitoris and vulva. She removed her hand from his as he began to massage her sex, causing waves of pleasure to wash over her in rhythmic waves. After a bit of this, she again grasped his hand. This time she used her other hand to pull her underwear aside so he could fondle her directly, skin to skin. A heated sigh escaped her lips as his fingers explored her labia and then gently brushed against her hardening love button.

Now she did move her hips from his crotch, but only so that she could move her hand back and fondle his crotch. She found the hole in his boxers and grasped his penis, slowly giving him a sensual hand job. Both of them were breathing heavily now, as the masturbated each other.

He slid his fingers up and down on each side of her clitoris, as if it was a tiny penis he was jacking off. This increased her sighs and moans, not to mention the intensity of her hand's movements on his penis. The tips of her pointer finger and thumb rubbed against the tip of his member, causing a bead of pre-cum to wet them slightly.

In answer to her attentions he slid his fingers to her vaginal opening, feeling her body's natural lubricant readying her orifice. He slowly but firmly slid two of his fingers inside her warm wetness and was rewarded by an explosive sigh. Her muscles clinched around his digits as he explored the wet folding warmness of her vagina. Pushing them in a bit further he found that spongey spot she loved so much.

She arched back toward him, releasing his penis as her hand shot up to grasp the back of his neck. A hissing, " YES !!!" expelled from her clenched teeth. She pulled his fingers from her wet sex and reached back down to his waist. She began tugging at his boxers. " I want you inside me, NOW!!!," she exclaimed as she tried to pull his covering boxers from the object of her need.

He felt the lustful wanting just as much as she did. He moved back just enough to pull his underwear to his knees as she pulled one leg from her panties and opened her thighs and put her right knee over his legs. He grasped his shaft and moved the head of his penis till it met her wet opening.

He tried to tease her with just the tip but she was in no mood for games. As soon as it parted her lower lips, she pushed her hips back so that his penis slid inside her to the hilt. Her moan was insistent as she arched back toward him. He slowly thrust back and forth as she moved her hips in a sensual circle, grinding against each other, luxuriating in the feeling of oneness sending then toward nirvana.

Soon the grinding became to much and she hissed again. "Fuck me please, Baby!!!" He obliged her, his thighs making a rhythmic clapping sound as they impacted against her ample buttocks. As he continued to thrust, he could feel her wetness dripping from between her legs and to his crotch. She began thrusting back at him as well. She grabbed his hands with hers. His left she snaked under her armpit so he could grasp and fondle her breasts and nipples, his right she placed on her hips so he could grab on and pull her into his thrusts.

Their sounds of pleasure filled the room as their gentle lovemaking turned into pure sex. Her cries became more insistent as her pleasure grew toward climax. He began to grunt in time with his thrusts as he felt himself getting nearer to blessed release. "I'M GONNA CUM," she screamed. He felt her orgasm begin. Her vagina contracting and gripping his penis in rhythm with her cries of pure ecstasy. He felt a flood of wetness as she squirted uncontrollably.

That was to much for him to bear. " HERE IT COMES," he grunted as he felt his semen surging from his balls to the head of his shaft. He tried to pull out. She wouldn't let him!!! She rolled back till she was sitting on top of him in reverse cowgirl position and began grinding on him again.

" Cum inside me!!!," she said as she moved her hips like a belly dancer. They both exclaimed in perfect pleasure and his orgasm sent jets of creamy semen to coat her vaginal walls and splash against her cervix. Without disengaging she slowly turned around so they could finally see each other's faces. A post sex glow shown from them both. She pulled him up for a passionate kiss as she wrapped her legs around him. "That was so good, Baby!!!," she exclaimed.

A mischievous grin spread over his face. " Want to go again?"

" Maybe after breakfast," she said. " You made me hungry!!! Since I cooked last night would you cook this morning?"

" Of course," he said. " You stay right there, I'll bring it to you." He pulled out, put his boxers on right and went to the kitchen area.

She rolled over and looked on her dresser. There was her daily pill case. In their tired haste to go to get some rest, she had forgotten to take her birth control pills!!! Her eyes opened wide as she realized her error. She was about to say something but then she saw him working away at the stove. He'll make a good father, she thought as she smiled lovingly at his back.

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2:23 am Friday, 21st September, 2018

I just  came yummm

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