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when I met a couple for threesome

12:35 pm Thursday, 16th August, 2018

It was a nice day as I checked in at hotel as was planned. The amazing couple arrived. I greeted them with hug. I was enjoying the touch of the bumps of the lady. During the hug my hands slipped below to have a abstract of what amazing things I was getting for next 4-5 hours.
 So later we had drink together. The lady was in between us. So the atmosphere was becoming hot with every moment with the breathes becoming fast. Maybe at places something was getting wet. As things become so hot I pulled lady to my arm and started moving my palms over her back. She was thrilled to have that Infront of her husband. The lowers were becoming wet and to make lips that wet I kissed her. Ohh it was amazing feeling to have lip locked and to have more wetness in the lips we were passionately kissing each other. The husband was enjoying watching us. The things become so hot that we have we didn't realize when our cloths got removed. Now my dick was free as I was sucking her top to bottom she was moaning loudly giving handjob to her husband.
Now it was time for my dick to get in her every holes. He first chose to be in her mouth. She was sucking my dick while I was licking her amazing vagina this was really wet region. As she had an orgasm with me we then decided to get in real action. The battle between my dick n her vagina. As it was really wet there I put my dick on her vagina opening directly and applied some pressure. As it was tight so it had to take slowly slowly, so I started increasing pressure slowly untill it was completely inside her touching her G spot. Her moaning was evident of that. Her husband was watching all this n masturbating n was enjoying all that. As I started fucking her hard her moans get louder n louder so that we have to increase the volume of TV. After some time her moaning stopped and there was cum all over her body. I feel like becoming lighter from inside she was happily kissed me n got in my arms to enjoy this silence. After that I fucked her vagana again and again.
Now the interesting time came where we thought of entering her from both sides. Many people say this as double penetration, which is always my favourite fantasy. We decided that I would be entering her from behind n her hubby would be entering into her vagina. So firstly I started to enter her ass, it was so much tight for my dick so I applied some oil on it and started pushing slowly. As I increased pressure on my dick she started literally screaming as it was his first anal experience. After so much effort final I was inside her ass. Now the husband pushed his dick into her vagaira. We were feeling the pressure of each others dick. We started fucking her from the both the side she was literally screaming with joy n moaning loudly.it was getting hot n hot. We were increasing speed n her boobs were jumping out of joy. Finally the moment came as we all reached climax together feeling like being in heaven. All we can see was cum everywhere n she was looking at us with great satisfaction. We together stayed in the bed for next 30 min touching each others body n enjoying the heat of the moment. We all were feeling like being relaxed n fulfilling with joy in our whole body. After that we had bath together n they left after 5 hours of great fucking. We thanked his husband. She gave me kiss as a token n promise to meet again..

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3:05 pm Friday, 14th September, 2018


5:14 am Friday, 2nd November, 2018

Hi dear couples, who is ready for an experience like this?

7:04 am Monday, 10th December, 2018

Is this real

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9:35 am Monday, 10th December, 2018


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