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Secretes kept behind close doors (First blog)

4:31 pm Wednesday, 8th August, 2018

Hello I am new this all. I believe everyone has a kink/ fetish in this world but I think it just makes the world more of a fun place. If you choose to share it or not that is your decision.

For someone like me who is new to this and finally coming out of my comfort zone and being honest with them selves it is starting where you feel safe and no one to judge you. I do heavily believe you need to be comfortable and honest with who you are before seeking any kind relationship.

I've had these fantasies ever since I can remember but over time I thought of new and creative things I would like and now instead of it just being my imagination all inside my head, I want it to be reality now! I think it just plays on you until you crave it so much you just have to go out and find what you want.

Everyone has their own thing which there is nothing wrong with that at all. For me I think I am a switch (I think it is called in the BDSM world.) I started with wanting to be the dominant one but as time went on I started also started getting into being the submissive one. Depending on the person I don't mind what role I play as long as we both are happy and safe with what we are doing.

I am still new to this world and I wanting to learn or just make friends to get knowledge on it all. If I meet someone on here that would be good but not forcing it.

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New to this:) Up for anything! like what you see send me a message

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