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Who Am I & My First Threesome! Part 1

9:11 pm Tuesday, 10th July, 2018

So I am sure you are wondering who is this guy, well I'm about to tell you, will start adding one article to my blog daily.

I am Justin, 26 year old Capricorn who is an adventurer at heart. I love trying and learning new things. I know 3 languages, I will allow you to guess them in the comments and I am currently learning a new one. I dont think one could ever be more spontaneous. The things I do sometimes are crazy.... fun lol, and the females always seem to like a guy who can keep them entertained and have her wondering whats gonna happen next. I remember my first threesome as I wrote that, let me tell you about it.

So I spent my 19th birthday with a cousin of mine, and she and her husband are not that uptight so I usually get to do what I want when I am at their house. This night (The Night of My Birthday) I was at the computer just on Fb messing around and I got a friend request from a nice looking lady, I checked out her profile and realized she was living in the same area and a police officer as well. We go to talking and I asked why she sent me a friend request and she said Fb recommended me. I am guessing because I am in the area (Fb ever creeps you out by recommending people who you just met or maybe just got a new number or something....creepy right). 

Anyways I told her it was my birthday and she asked if I wanted to hang out since she had nothing doing. I agreed and after getting permission I left the house. We had a few drinks and then the conversation became sexual and to be honest I was checking her out long before that. We ran into another friend of hers who also turned out to be a female police officer. Little did I know they had plans for me.

To be Continued...

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