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The Cuck and Bull understanding in this relationship

9:18 am Tuesday, 3rd July, 2018

I have always wondered what sort of an understanding I as a cuck must have with the bull we invite home in such relationship.I know I have to make him comfortable and make him feel very secure during the night stay with us.
The best experience we had was when we hosted one of my wife's colleague and he made us more comfortable than we making him , he was very jovial and extremely comfortable to be with , while making out with my wife he made me also involved - He was aware i was Bisexual and he said he was Bi-curious , so he made me a part of the fun game , of course his attention was full on my wife as we started , but he made me a part of the exciting forplay , i had a real great time watching him and my wife , I realized he felt he too needed to make us both comfortable in his company like we were trying to make him relaxed and enjoy the evening/night.  
He and my wife enjoyed all night (I frankly went off to sleep around 2.15 am) - the next morning he seemed more relaxed , he walked out of the room very casually fully naked without feeling awkward , he walked up to me and very casually gave me a good hug and said what a great time he and my wife had and I should have been there all night watching , but also thanked me for giving him and my wife some space to be alone and enjoy.
we both sat and chatted casually like good friends , he was sitting naked in front of me - and he realised i was enjoying seeing him that way , and he was giving me a good view of what he had offered to my wife the night before.
That's when i understood its not just the bull and the wife who needs to be comfortable but also the relationship between the cuck and the bull needs to be as friends and very close. 

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10:57 am Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

That's a true observation buddy. It's important that all three (the bull, cuck and the lady) needs to feel comfortable with each other in a cuck relationship to enjoy the relationship to the most. I personally believe that cuck also needs to get involved when the bull mates with the lady and enjoy the experience rather than waiting on the other end and watching... Cuck getting involved will allow the cuck to enjoy this relationship much better than just sitting and watching the bull and wife getting mate. Donno why it's a predefined mindset of people that in a cuck relationship, the cuck needs to just sit on the other side and watch the bull and the lady mate??? 

3:30 pm Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

Being an experienced bull, I would say the understanding between Cuck and bull matters as much as it does between the bull and the lady. I was able to perform better and satisfy the lady better when I was in better terms with the cuck. Though he was shy to get involved and preferred to watch me bang his wife's brains out but I would have been more than happy if he would have joined us. I would love to be friends with the cuck so that the fun and sensuality and thrill could be carried out even in the morning rather than just in the night. This would make the meet more meaningful rather than just a one night stand. Since we have already spoken and I have already seen your nature Vinay. I would suggest you just be the way you are. I felt in instant click when I spoke to you for first time. I would definately love to meet a loving and humble person like you. Friends for life , cheers 🍾🍾🍾🥂🥂🥂🥂

6:21 pm Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

Nice thinking.....trustful couple.

7:10 pm Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

Excellent.Give me an opportunity please

7:21 pm Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

like to join you guys

10:15 pm Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

If you are in delhi..well you can experience  something  similar  soon 

4:01 am Thursday, 5th July, 2018

Hi Vijay, am glad that you had a great experience. Yes a bull would feel very happy that cuck is on the same level of satisfaction. I always felt cuckolding is more about the cuck than wife . Yes wife takes all the physical pleasure however it's mainly for cucks mental simulation. Hence this becomes very important.

4:09 pm Thursday, 5th July, 2018


6:23 pm Thursday, 5th July, 2018

Totally agree with you buddy..bull and cuck should be on same page 

6:48 pm Thursday, 5th July, 2018

I agree with you.. Hopefully I thiught I was the perfect person for this.. Didn't turn out to be

11:32 pm Friday, 6th July, 2018

I perfectly agree with you, in fact i met with several cuckold cpls but the best friendly relationship was always maintained with cuck only. Reason behind is more you keep the cuck friend comfortable as close friend more your get to know what they need. In other words the bonding is directly proportional to the bonding with cuck and bull. Keep enjoying. Huggsss!

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3:14 pm Saturday, 7th July, 2018

This is absolutely true , this is similar to what I've experienced and the cuck hubby was just like you : understanding and enthusiastic , looking forward to having a great time together soon 😉

9:34 pm Saturday, 7th July, 2018

Great... I totally agree with you. I'm still waiting for our meeting we have been planning for a long time...

1:37 pm Sunday, 8th July, 2018

wish to fuck ur wife

3:24 pm Sunday, 8th July, 2018

Hello,  shall we plan a meet up sir. I think I tried you many times

3:26 pm Sunday, 8th July, 2018

Also one thing We had some chats and I'm waiting to see his precious asset. Hope for a meet up soon. 

3:26 pm Sunday, 8th July, 2018

Also one thing We had some chats and I'm waiting to see his precious asset. Hope for a meet up soon. 

5:20 pm Sunday, 8th July, 2018

Well said my friend, infact this is 200% true in my view. I have spent some most memorable nights with cuckold couple. Few husbands even touched my dick and played with it. One couple in special as i remember, he stroked my dick and directed it in his wife's pussy with his hand and whispered in my ears "fuck her deep bro" and i was so tempted that i ride her like a real bull whole night.

He continued watching me and in between brought some drinks for us to relax and we continued / resumed with multiple fucks whole night and continued till next morning.

I loved the way hubbys kiss their wife's red lips while they moaning with orgasms, i could feel this lady's hot orgasm on my dick and a heroic smile on hubby's face.. 😊

In a Nutshell 💕 => you CuckOld couples Rock!!! 🏍️

6:49 pm Sunday, 8th July, 2018

great going.. whole experience written is awesome & wish to live the same in real...

5:09 am Monday, 9th July, 2018

Well said...also the cuck should be open with bull...should say openly if you are interested or not...many a times this open conversation is lacking

11:04 am Monday, 9th July, 2018

Guys r u gttng my msgs? Pl chk inbx

3:38 pm Monday, 9th July, 2018

We were discussed alot still we didnt make it am eager to hear you to fulfill our desires as we discussed - same id hang out

6:12 pm Tuesday, 10th July, 2018

Great view and well written. Hats off to u vinay

8:18 pm Tuesday, 10th July, 2018

Well i am a bi , and a beast in bed . Would love to gwt to know u guys

6:45 pm Wednesday, 11th July, 2018

like to meet u ppl

6:09 am Monday, 16th July, 2018

Hello , would love to meet up. I liked your blog and am in agreement with your views. Cheers

8:33 pm Monday, 16th July, 2018


8:26 am Thursday, 19th July, 2018

You just say stories but never meet anyone

12:30 pm Sunday, 22nd July, 2018

Nice one... I want to join u Polly.. M ready to travel mumbai

3:19 pm Friday, 31st August, 2018

Frankly, it's a very personal thing between the bull and the cuck. There is no one way to establish a relationship. If the bull and cuck are bi, then there could be a lot of potential in their relationship. I personally prefer a bi-submissive cuck so I can have my way with him too. There are some cuck's who are straight and prefer to watch or play in turns and that needs to be respected too. it's all too subjective.

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7:30 am Sunday, 9th September, 2018

True feelings ..!!
Not a single word less...not more. 

7:30 am Sunday, 9th September, 2018

True feelings ..!!
Not a single word less...not more. 

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7:48 am Sunday, 9th September, 2018

Such a beautiful description of your mature sense and understanding of this complex relationship. A Bull is the 3rd angle in the already existing committed partnership. Folks must get this that he also needs a comfort level to be able to add value and appreciate his contribution to an enjoyable experience.Kudos, more power to you and your ilk. 

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4:21 pm Wednesday, 12th September, 2018

Hi Vinay can we meet tonight

1:23 pm Monday, 17th September, 2018

Cuck-hotwife-bull this threeway relationship is the key of successful cuckold lifestyle 🤘🏻

7:56 pm Monday, 17th September, 2018

It is as important for the bull to make the husband feel comfortable that his wife would be in good hands, as it is to make the lady comfortable. Hence, when I meet couples, I spend a fair bit of time getting to know each other, not just the wife, but also the husband. The relationship should be like a friendship with your best friend, except that there is intimacy involved.

I am happy for your experience, and would love to have a similar experience with you.

6:24 am Tuesday, 18th September, 2018

You are a thorough gentleman to interact with !

6:53 am Tuesday, 18th September, 2018

very good behave couple u r .. would like to meet u once .

4:34 am Wednesday, 19th September, 2018

That is so true....ver well explained candid blog Vinay.... we should meet soon...

6:25 am Saturday, 22nd September, 2018

Nicely written

4:59 am Monday, 24th September, 2018

I agree, the dynamics should be such that everyone has a good time! A true bull would care about the pleasures of the wife as well as the fuck 

6:55 am Wednesday, 3rd October, 2018

Nicely written. It takes a very secure man to permit his wife to have sex with other men. There is no room for jealousy. And it's nice when both the man and woman get off.

9:23 am Monday, 29th October, 2018

Yes true ...I m a bull... N it has been pleasure with most of my cuckiis...some have been outright relaxed to feel my sexuality n enjoying some fun in foreplay always n watching me n their wife

9:23 am Monday, 29th October, 2018

Yes true ...I m a bull... N it has been pleasure with most of my cuckiis...some have been outright relaxed to feel my sexuality n enjoying some fun in foreplay always n watching me n their wife

6:08 am Saturday, 10th November, 2018

hi..l am rohan here...single from mumbai...r u interested in real meet??...l can assure you decency n full secrecy

6:39 am Saturday, 10th November, 2018

yes sir.. u r right ... great thinking

4:10 pm Saturday, 10th November, 2018

great write up and experience let us meet

11:57 am Sunday, 11th November, 2018

Hello friends please give chance I like your profile

3:30 pm Tuesday, 13th November, 2018

The understanding is simple, for the time that the bull is with your wife, he owns her holes and makes you feel like less of a man while he makes her cum repeatedly all while acting like a whore you never knew she was. This is during the sex, otherwise its a casual and friendly relationship that is established

12:28 pm Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

Great write-up 

5:27 pm Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

Hello dear I will fuck both you please give chance

7:59 pm Friday, 16th November, 2018

Right.  A very nice write up.  I am happy the bull was pretty friendly to make you feel comfortable.  While we do appreciate these things, I am sure things may not always be the same.  People differ in their characters and moods.  So it is important to make room for ourselves either as bulls or as cucks.  Wish you good cuckoldry dear.  

2:14 pm Tuesday, 20th November, 2018

It's more about being a bull yourself (emotionally). And having the strength to give the most ultimate experiences without judging her. 

2:14 pm Tuesday, 20th November, 2018

Give her*

5:28 am Thursday, 22nd November, 2018

Well said

5:34 am Thursday, 22nd November, 2018

Yes, but how many men would be willing to let their wives sleep with other men? Despite all the sexual liberation, most men are still possessive and jealous, thinking that they 'own' their wives and that marriage gives them the 'right' to have sex whenever they want. A true cuckold gets off on watching his wife with others, and uses the experience to enhance his and his wife's sex life. Just think most people in a country like India aren't so adventurous, especially since there is such a huge taboo around sex still.

5:06 am Friday, 30th November, 2018

Good morning dear friends I am Ramesh Kumar from Bangalore, 36yrs old single male looking for like-minded people for fun

5:29 pm Thursday, 6th December, 2018

U r absolutely right. Actually more thane the bull and wife relation the cuck and bull relation is more important. As it is yhe comfrot factor. More frndly and coperative approach between the cuck and bull creates a trust and jocial atmosphere with all 3. The wife will feel confident and relaxed. The cuck will feel satisfied and safe make his wife be with him. And the bull will feel lik home and just the whole atmosphere will b different in such a situation..so first of all a nice frnshaip is reqd between the cuck and bull even prior to meet up.

6:50 am Wednesday, 12th December, 2018

The more friendly cuck and his wife  with a bull the merry enjoyment. Both has to OWN him.

5:49 am Thursday, 13th December, 2018

Very well articulated. Such experiences are cherished for lifetime. Looking forward to have a similar experience with you as well. 

4:23 pm Saturday, 22nd December, 2018

Wow that's a great write up.. I am bicurious too.. wants to explore this as well... If given a chance , I wud make it to full capacity... 

11:42 am Saturday, 26th January, 2019

First i thanku bcz i ever seen like this article about single sorry bull thanku so much bro 

4:30 pm Sunday, 27th January, 2019

hi, you are absolutely right. the relation and the talks between bulls and cucks are important i strongly believe that all three WIFE CUCK AND BULL should all have talks and feel comfortable as that would make comfortable and understandable situation. that will help better. i'm really looking forward to meet you guys. i'm from bangaore

9:07 am Tuesday, 29th January, 2019

Clearly explain hitting the bull eyes.

6:43 pm Saturday, 2nd February, 2019

That's a lovely writeup. Really appreciate. I skaipped u.. check it out.. 

1:03 pm Sunday, 3rd February, 2019

very true sir..

6:36 pm Sunday, 10th February, 2019

Well said 👌👌👌

6:06 pm Monday, 11th February, 2019

Hello,,, Shall we connect?

5:52 pm Wednesday, 20th February, 2019

Good Post... would love to chat

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