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AlphaMarch Swinging Philosophy

2:31 pm Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

AlphaMarch Swinging Philosophy
As we are:
• A highly educated couple (Second degree each … plus)
• Just finished our 40's … entering the 50's
• We both look very good, keeping sports as a main part of our life sure helps
We got to the following realization:
We are happily married and madly in love with each other for few decades
We have always considered our love-life & our Sex-Life as one un-separateable unit
And yet, we believe now it is time to try and taste some additional flavors;
• Some new thrills and adventures in our sex-life totally separated from our love-Life.
• We open to gentle, slow, flowing, relaxing sex partners
• Starting by intelligent meeting, chatting, touching, soft swapping, hand-jobs orals …..
• Then, maybe … if it all feel right … getting to nice, dancing style flowing relaxing full swap

We do not appreciate the aggressive, animal style of "Suck your brains" or "swallow till the last drop", neither we appreciate the extra hardcore pictures … we prefer to leave some place for the imagination

You like our Philosophy and feel it fits your way of thinking and acting
Please contact us and maybe the magic will happen


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Looking for fun to enjoy good sexy life

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