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Gay cocksuckers and married straight guys

10:24 am Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

I'm a natural-born cocksucker.
I'm one hundred percent gay, and I've always thoroughly enjoyed sucking dick, licking ass and - especially - swallowing sperm.
I'm just crazy for the taste of semen.I find it delicious and love to savour its flavours before slowly swallowing every drop.To me, all these skills do come very naturally and, somehow, other men know instinctively that I am a born cocksucker - some have known it sufficiently well to ask me directly if they can avail themselves of my oral services.I've lost count of the times a guy said to me things such as "I want you to suck my dick" or "I want to cum in your mouth" or even just ordered me to "Lick my arse".Maybe it's because I'm a small, slightly built guy, but I've often had guys make those suggestions to me that I should suck their dicks or lick their arses or swallow a few loads of their semen...Whatever the reasons, if I like a guy, I will eagerly oblige him! I noticed over time that a lot of married guys have made these approaches to me.Currently, I provide my oral services regularly to three local married guys.At first, I hesitated but I soon realised that by sucking a married guy's dick on a very regular basis (in one case, several times a day), I can actually help these guys stay with their wives and maintain a very good marriage.Many straight guys just need to have their dicks sucked and their cum swallowed.They need a willing, available, discreet cocksucker because often their wives don't like the idea of getting mouthfucked or of swallowing load after load of spunk.I love doing those things, and I'm always delighted to help these guys maintain a good marriage because I love sucking  dick and adore mouthfuls of sperm.This blog will be about my experiences, about a married guy's need to have a personal cocksucker and about the joys of savouring tasty ejaculates.Needless to say, I'll change the names of the guys I mention.Let me know if you find my experiences helpful to you, and I'll continue writing this blog.

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8:13 pm Thursday, 24th May, 2018

Hi Pete, love the blog, please pm me, I’m in Exeter next week and love gay sex. I’m bi and totally genuine. Great cock by the way, Steve x

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Gay cocksucker for straight guys' relief

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