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Two sluts licking sharing one cock

4:03 pm Sunday, 13th May, 2018

I'm so fucking horny thinking about sharing my mans cock with another girl. Both of us kneeling begging for his cock, and finally when he gives in he'll give us permission to lick his big cock together. Pulling both of us down by our hair, telling us what big sluts we are. Controlling us in any way he sees fit, forcing one girl to open their legs because he likes the view, spitting on her pussy and making me watch while I'm swallowing his hard cock. He would make the girl get on her knees, punishing her for not having her legs wide open, refusing to give her pleasure unless she begged for it. She would crawl on him sitting on him and I would ride his cock as we simultaneously moaned until we both came.

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9:58 am Thursday, 10th January, 2019


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Threesome, two girls sharing one cock

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