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Symbiotic Relationships

2:31 pm Sunday, 13th May, 2018

Cuckoldry is largely understood as a symbiotic relationship.  Cuckoldry is loosely based on the bird of the same name, the cuckoo, that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds unbeknownst to them. The unsuspecting, compassionate mother bird i****ompelled to treat the cuckoo's egg equal to the other eggs despite being oversized, and different much to the male father bird'****hagrin.

The roles each participant play in cuckoldry are clearly defined:

1. The Cuckold agrees to a another male having sex with his wife. The Cuckold is rumored to be bi-sexual but this piece of information is not ****% confirmed. The benefit the cuckold gets is to watch live sex.

2. The Bull agrees to have sex with the Cuckold's wife. The Bull is (and should be) usually the dominant personality in the trio. 

3. The Cucktrix is the wife that agrees to have sex with the Bull. She is (and should be) usually the submissive personality in the trio. 

So, yeah... it's a fetish.
Everyone involved in a cuckold relationship understands this symbiotic trio except the beginner.
If you don't understand the lifestyle when it is mentioned, don't waste everyone's time just because you are 'curious'.

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