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REVENGE....the best MOTIVATION...Part - 2

11:05 am Sunday, 13th May, 2018

Once home, with tears rolling down her already blushed cheeks, S entered their bedroom. ' Dnt ****his hon, talk to me', A spoke softly touching her shoulders. 'How could you ****his to me', S spoke feebly between her tears, shrugging off his hands. For the first time that night A saw how much hurt she was. Unable to comprehend her feelings, he said, ' but what did I do' ? Furious at his reaction, S lost it completely & lashed out at him.' You're asking me what did you do?? Do you even recall what you promised me before leaving? Or you were so high on the idea of getting laid that you just spoke to misled me? ' Misled you?? I dnt understand.' ' Didn't you tell me that it was a casual meet and fun games and it will just go to the extend of SRSP tonight? Then how the hell did you end up having sex?? You not only ****rewed L but you ****rewed US too', S said and burst into tears. After A's prolonged frantic efforts to make things right, A said softly cupping her face in his palms and wiping off her tears, 'Hey, you're my life, you're in my heart and nothing and no one can ever change that'...

A's efforts bore fruit & S was set free of her insecurities & things were normal again in their lives. As S lay in her bed on a lazy Sunday, her mobile chimed. ' Hey girl....wazzup', her notification read & a smile lit her face up. V was someone whom she came to know in this lifestyle since last few months. They both loved chatting & flirting with each other. Though the****ven't even met till date, they both felt well connected to each other. ' We are visiting family for holi', S said. ' That's great, so where is my treat', V asked. ' I know I owe you a drink. Let me talk to A and he will get back to you', S wrote back. All three of them decided to meet for dinner & fun. S & V sat together while A sat on the opposite side , enjoying his drink. For S & V , it never seemed liked they were meeting for the first time. Whispering sweet nothings, enjoying the light brush of each other's touch, they were enjoying each other'****ompany & finally decided to make the enjoyment more private and headed towards isolation, leaving the blaring music behind...

V sat on one side of the bed while S sat on the other, with A on the chair opposite to them. S's stare and smile made V blush. His heart beat quickened as he saw S getting closer to him. Brushing her fingers through his hair, S lowered her lips onto his. Sparks flew up everywhere as their lips touched. A could feel the desire emanating from S & V, creep up hi****rotch. S put her legs with sleek stilletoes on the bed which she knew V liked. V ran his hands over her legs, the silkiness of her skin engulfing him. He pushed her short dress up exposing the voluptuous booty, pulled her onto his lap. With her leg****rossed behind his back, they both were engulfed by the heat of their passionate kiss. V's hands meandered over her perfectly shaped boobs with both their cores rubbing off on each other. To A's amazement, he desired S even more after watching her like that...

A walked over to the bed & kissed the nape of her neck. She turned and rubbed herself against V harder & stared at A stroking him gently till he had a big bulge staring right back at her. Smiling, she stood up, & whispered, 'dnt worry, you are not being left out'. S undressed A while kissing him & walked him back to the chair. She took out the cuffs from her purse, which lay just on the side of the chair, & cuffed A's hands to the chair. Surprised, A looked at her & saw a wicked glint in her eyes. V walked over to them & took off her dress, making her stand in a sexy pair o****lack lingerie & stilletoes in front of A. She put one foot between A'****rotch & leaned back on V's shoulders as she helped V's fingers invade her desire. She moaned louder & louder as V's fingers explored the depth of her hunger...

She bent down close to A's open lips as V unhooked her bra. She teased A with her taut nipples, rubbing them on his lips, taunting him to bite them , moving away just so to leave him craving for them. With his hands working their magic on her boobs, V entered S from behind. She threw her head back in ecstasy as finally their longing for each other was finally met. She moaned with his every thrust as V ventured into her wetness...

A sat there watching both V & S intertwined with each other, crucified by his own arousal. His heavy breathing was testimony to the fact that he was like a hungry****evour his prey. He saw S walking V towards the bed & lowering him down. She took his play tool in her hand & gobbled upon it, taking it deep inside to the point it gagged her. She slowly mounted on top of V, rubbing her on him , teasing him. She gave him the ****k of her oozing desire a few times & made him enter her in one deep thrust. She rode his manhood like never before & kept going until they both ****reamed ecstatically...

All sweaty, she walked over to A & leaned towards him, 'this is how its done babe', she whispered to A & smiled, as it dawned what was done to him...

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7:00 pm Tuesday, 15th May, 2018

Damn lady u got me so hard 😍 am looking forward to the next part now the cuffs was a good twist and A to be frank deserved what he got 😈

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9:59 am Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

Beautifully written ! Lookingh forward to more classy blogs from you ! Did you actually go through these insecurities ?

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7:28 pm Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

You are in real sense “dirtysluttywife”

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1:46 am Thursday, 17th May, 2018

That's very slutty 

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7:27 am Thursday, 17th May, 2018

Nice story,I got a hard on reading it👌

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6:36 pm Tuesday, 22nd May, 2018

you seem to be very good in English which is a turn on for me. I wish I could be your friend. 

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12:52 pm Thursday, 24th May, 2018

nice story

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3:29 pm Thursday, 24th May, 2018

Am a big fan of your stories

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5:38 pm Friday, 29th June, 2018

Well I’ll be damned girl...its like I was actually living it....phew.....

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1:47 pm Sunday, 5th August, 2018

love to be dominated by u in bed

1:03 pm Tuesday, 7th August, 2018

i am out of words very beautifully & erotically put up, felt like everything is going on in front of me. Keep going!

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2:24 pm Sunday, 12th August, 2018

I am a fan

12:40 pm Friday, 17th August, 2018

Beautifully written... as if I am watching it right in front of me

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