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My First Threesome with a Couple

12:15 pm Sunday, 6th May, 2018

Hello everyone. I joined the site yesterday and figured I’d describe my first threesome I had last September. Hopefully it gets you horny 😉

So last year I started posting online searching for a couple who’d be interested in having me over for a three way. It took awhile but finally in early September at around 11 pm on a Saturday just as I was about to go to bed I get an email from a couple who wanted to meet that night. We exchanged 5 emails and a few pics before they gave me the address and off I went.

As I drove over I was a bit nervous as I’d never done anything like this before (although I’d fantasized over it for years) but excited. So I parked my car and knocked on their door and waited....a seemingly very long time later the woman answers the door in an oversized T shirt and panties. Her blonde hair is undone and messy, she has flushed cheeks, she smells like sex and looks eager to get back to doing what she was doing. I’m instantly hard, we exchange greetings and she leads me to the bed where her boyfriend is waiting. We chat a bit,make sure no one is into anything toofucked and he comes up behind her and pulls her shirt off exposing beautiful C-cup breasts which I bury my face in while he kisses her neck. Meanwhile she starts taking my pants off and gets on her knees once my now rock hard cock is out and puts me in her mouth. He comes across from me and she alternates sucking us off for a bit.

I’ve had some decent blow jobs in the past but I always thought it was overrated until I had this chick blow me. Holy fuck did she know how to handle a cock: she started by taking my whole cock in her throat and she applied the perfect amount of pressure before chugging like her life depended on it. She then started doing something with her tongue that felt amazing every time she came up to the tip before alternating between us and then coming back to me and altering pressures on various parts of my cock, spitting on it and then starting to work on my balls. After a bit she looked up at me and told me to fuck her face. I grabbed her head and starting thrusting right down to my balls while she made her mouth fucking tight. Meanwhile her boyfriend gets low and starts fucking her pussy while I’m doing her mouth.

After nearly cumming from the blowjob she gets up and bends over the bed. I slap a condom on as fast as I can and enter her tight pussy while she’s sucking off her boyfriend. We spit roast her for a bit in a seesaw before I feel her tense up and give off an explosive orgasm which makes us fuck her harder and she gives off three in a row. She turns around and starts sucking me again while he enters her ass and stretches it nicely. 

After a bit we change positions and she straddles him and tells me to get in her ass which I happily oblige and we double penetrate her. It’s so tight that he cums right in her pussy and gets out of the room. I change the condom, push her on the bed and enter her pussy fucking her in missionary  before we turn around and she straddles me and he enters her ass. We fuck her to orgasm and she says she wants us to cum on her face.

We stand side by side and jerk it while she alternates blowing us. He cums first and then she sucks me a bit ( I admit at this point I was holding off cause I just wanted to use her mouth some more) before I jerk myself to completion and release the biggest orgasm I’ve ever released right on her cheek where it started leaking onto her breast.

Content with our experience she went in the shower and I left immediately as we agreed prior to meeting.

It was the first, last and only time I met them but it was not the last couple I met...

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