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Threesome fun. Awesome fun always

4:25 pm Sunday, 15th April, 2018

Everyone of us likes to enjoy sex with young and beautiful girls. There is nothing wrong with that. It is actually the most essential requirement of our body which should not be suppressed. But in view of moral restrictions imposed by our society, we have to be extremely careful while undertaking any sexual act outside our so-called moral limits. The most important thing is to maintain strict confidentiality of the matter and honour the feelings of fair sex.

I am basically very passionate for having all sort of sexual acts with beautiful, smart and sexy girls/ladies and threesome pleasures with handsome young couples. I have been very choosy till recently. Beauty has been the most important criteria in my selection. I used to look for attractive young girls and couples for fun evenings whenever I visits to anywhere.. However, my perspectives on beauty were entirely changed after a recent incident, which I am going to tell here.

Yesterday I was chatting in leisure with my friend Vicky(Name changed oh his request). We were sharing non-veg jokes and laughing. Suddenly Vicky told that he wants to discuss something very personal with me but asked to keep it complete secret. On my acceptance, he revealed the matter. I was completely stunned with what he said. He actually offered me to have threesome pleasure with his wife, Sonal(Name changed for privacy). 

She was just an average looking lady and not the one who could easily attract man. I landed into a dilemma because neither I desired to have sex with Sonal nor wanted to displease Vicky.After a little thought and keeping in view my open friendship, I decided to accept his proposal. Vicky asked me to come with him to his house. In-between, Vicky rang Sonal to inform about my visit in the evening.I was feeling inconvenient
throughout the day. In the evening, we drove together to reach his house. Sonal opened the door. She was wearing dark blue suit and appeared to have done the makeup recently, but still it could not make her much attractive. We sat in the drawing
room and Sonal left to bring tea and snacks for us. While taking tea, Sonal was mysteriously looking at me but I remained unmoved. After tea, Vicky took me to his bed room.In between, Sonal entered the room in light pink gown and stood before me. This time, she appeared more attractive. But I did not know what to do. She came closer to me. I felt mild rose fragrance emanating from her body. My passion seemed to be rising. She brought her face near to me. I was almost trembling when she put her lips over my lips. My whole body was electrified with this touch and formation of tent was started inside my pant. Lips have always been my weakness. Lips kissing makes me quick horny.Within few minutes, I was feeling fire in my whole body. My cock inside the pant had fully inflated.Sonal realised my passion and immediately took off the gown from her body. She was now completely naked before me. Her body was a perfect figure. Though, I can’t say about the exact measurements but it must be very close to 36-24-36. I immediately unzipped my pant and took my erected cock out. Looking at it, Sonal exclaimed in joy – oh! you have got such a large and thick penis.
I realised that Rahul must be having a smaller cock to fully satisfy her desires. Sonal came closer to me and bent down holding my cock in her right hand. She started licking my cock from the tip moving inwards. My cock bacame wet with her saliva. I inserted the cock into her mouth. She started sucking it up and down, but only half of its length. I wanted more insertion, therefore I hold her head with my hands and started pushing towards me.

Now, some more part of my cock was deep in her throat. I was flowing in pleasure. We did not notice that Vicky had already come in the room and watching the cock-sucking action. I found Sonal an excellent cock sucker. No one had earlier sucked my cock so nicely. After some time, my cock seemed to be bursting out. I did not want my cum to be wasted in her mouth, so took it out.I was now burning in lust. I hurriedly pushed Sonal on the bed and jumped over her after taking out all my clothes. Lying naked on the bed, Sonal was looking very beautiful. I kissed her lips, face, neck and then started moving down holding and stretching her sexy breasts with my hands. In a shortwhile, I started sucking her nipples. Every action was giving me immense pleasure.

Vicky also unzipped his pant, took his cock out and started rubbing it while watching us from a distance. I now moved my mouth further down and kissed her stomach. I was constantly moving down licking her body. While licking her thighs, I moved my mouth very near to the pleasure hole (vagina). Her pussy was bald and clean. Sonal became too horny with this and asked me to get on the right place. I started licking her entire pussy with my thirsty tongue, as if it was honey. After some time, I started fingering her pussy hole and continued licking the clitoris. She was crying in pleasure and I was also enjoying a lot. Licking pussy (and 69 position) has always been my favourite sexual passion.Now, I could not wait any longer with my cock which was ready to fuck Sonal. I pushed my strong cock into her pussy with a jerk. The entire length of cock was in the pleasure hole. I then started making fast strokes into her pussy which was too deep and completely fit for my cock.

Sonal was getting wild. She put her both hands on my hips and started pushing them down with my downward strokes. Sonal was having full satisfaction with my long and thick cock which was fucking very hard till the end of her pussy wall. She was getting immense sexual pleasure with me. She uttered “Oh! Kam, please continue fucking me so hard till my pussy tears out”. Vicky was watching us going wild. This made him horny. He also wanted to be involved and asked me to allow some space so that he could lick the clitoris of his wife simultaneously. I now shifted the position of fucking so that Vicky could insert his tongue on the clit of Sonal. Vicky started licking the clitoris of his wife while she was being fucked by me. I further increased my fucking speed. We heard sounds of immense pleasure from Sonal. She told us that no pleasure in this world can be better than this. Sonal asked me if I can visit her daily for fucking. But I told that it is not possible to visit daily but I will try to frequently visit. Still we all three were in action and it appeared that both me and Sonal are going to reach orgasm. Just before the ejaculation, I took my cock out and spread the cum over her entire pussy. Vicky was still licking the clit, but now he moved his tongue over the whole pussy wet with my cum. I can’t explain in words what pleasure I got that evening.

Later we again started our sex game and we enjoyed whole night. Sonal invited me to visit them frequently. Before leaving, I embraced Sonal in my arms with love and kissed her sexy lips. In those moments, Sonal was the most beautiful girl in this world. I felt that Vicky is so lucky to have such a sexy wife. Inspite of her very ordinary looks, Sonal had made my day(night) to be always remembered. 

Here after, i wanna visit my frnd's  house  frequently as asked by Sonal. After this incident, I feel that every girl in this world is beautiful. We only need to look them in that sense. My inclination has now shifted towards sex hungry couples and girls/ladies (with whatever looks and age). Everyone has a right to satisfy his/her sexual desires. Therefore, I look for girls/ladies who are deprived of sexual pleasures for some reason such as not so beautiful, too shy to ask (mostly applicable to young college girls), away or separated from husband, not satisfied with husband, fears from society etc.
Yours ArjunArvind

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4:28 pm Sunday, 15th April, 2018

Hey fun buddies. read my article and share your thoughts guys.. Cheers😘😘

4:29 am Monday, 16th April, 2018

Love how you see things. Kudos. Beautifully written

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