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The true way to suck pussy

4:09 pm Sunday, 15th April, 2018

Who is the correct way to excite and maintain a true pussy eating session. I have had my pussy eating in the good, bad and even in a worst way posible. I have cum some of the times but too much i have spent protecting my clit. Too much teeth, too much pusssure, slowly, faster, mouth is too dry, too damn wet, ur wiskers itch, use ur tongue mmm just too much time complaining and not erough excitement.

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8:05 pm Thursday, 19th April, 2018

Well keep my tongue on that clit till i feel it get really hard while my two fingers in the pussy stroking it and fucking it.....thats a way to start

10:32 pm Wednesday, 30th May, 2018

Can't be too aggressive have to be alittle but not too much have to caress and give the clit majority of attention at the sane time can't forget the pussy jaws and inside the pussy as well have to tease the clit give it just a little to have it aching and dieing for it all use the tip of your tongue at times eat some ice i wud recommend and then use the tip of your icy tongue to lick at and tease the clit curling it around the clit then dive it in the pussy and don't forget the pussy jaws take them in your icy mouth and gently but firmly suck on them and back to the clit

11:29 am Thursday, 30th August, 2018

Give me the chance to an u can tell me aft what u think about it 

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Just wanna have fun. Like licking pussy and get mine suck. Nothing is taboo

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