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My bi-curious fantasy

3:16 am Thursday, 29th March, 2018

Can you help me?  I'm a widower looking for a couple to explore my bi-side.  I've never had a threesome or engaged sexually with a guy but I'm taking a liking to the idea.  I have always loved giving women oral sex and receiving oral sex as well as intercourse. 

My ideal setup is a couple with a bi/bi-curious male and adventurous female.  We'd start orally where I would lay on my back with the woman facesitting on me so I can pleasure her.  At the same time, the male would insert a butt plug in me (prepping me for later) and blow me.  

After I cum, the male and I would trade places and I'd blow him to his complete satisfaction.  With our oral games concluded, I would ask the woman to lay on her back and let me service her orally.  Without warning, the male will remove the butt plug, lube my ass and take my anal virginity.  I want lick the woman vigorously while he pounds me.  When he's ready to cum, I want him to shoot it all over my back. 

Finally, I want to anally penetrate either of them (their choice who).  If we all find this satisfactory, I hope to repeat this experience fairly regularly.

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9:28 pm Monday, 9th April, 2018

Sounds like we are a match. We would be happy to help you. Can you host?

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