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Sex tips to improve your sex life.

11:25 pm Tuesday, 13th March, 2018

This blog is primarily for the guys, as most women do not have an issue with the use of sex aids.

Men, I want you to read this really carefully, using a sex aid does not make you incompetent. We as men tend to have this idea that all we need is to satisfy a woman is our penis. Many (especially the well endowed ones) think that thrusting in and out of a woman a couple of times is adequate to sexually satisfy them. This, whilst it may be true for some women, it is definitely not true for most.

A female orgasm is much more complicated than a man's. And whilst they might be enjoying the sex, sometimes they need a bit more than just your penis to satisfy them and bring them to that climax. And sex aids if used properly can really increase the probability of this occurring.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can assist you and help improve your sex life with your partner.

1. Build the passion. Don't immediately go for penetration, for a lot of women, sex begins in the mind, so sometimes the thought of what is about to be done to her rather that the deed it self can bring her to the point of climax quicker. This was taken directly from a woman that I recently had an encounter with.

2. Stimulate her. Let your hands explore her entire body, kiss her neck, run your tongue down her back, suck on her breasts. Her vagina isn't the only sensitive part of her body. Slowly (but not too slow) arouse her, and build her anticipation.

3. Perform cunnilingus (eat her pussy). Don't be afraid to go down on her and put your tongue to use! A woman loves when a man goes down on her, and if done right that alone may even bring her to the point of orgasm.
This is from my personal experience, I will never forget the first time a female came  without penetration, I took it slow making her wait whilst I slowly explored her body, as I went down on her she began to beg me to fuck her, I told her wait and I continued to perform oral on her, within a short space of time her entire body started to tremble as she grabbed a hold of me, I was shocked, because this was my first time with this particular person.
4. Use sex aids. 
Edible sensation lubes. They have many different flavors for you to pick from, and the person receiving is in for a treat as it gives a very warm sensation to the applied area, you can even apply it to your penis before penetration. 
Dildo. If you orgasm before her, you can use a dildo between your down time to continue to please her instead of her having to wait until you're ready again. Even if you haven't ejaculated, and you also have anal sex then you can use the dildo to assist.
Vibrators. There are many different types of vibrators, some that can even attach to the man's penis, to further stimulate her clitoris whilst having sex.

Experiment and find out what works for you.

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