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Our seventh bull (including a first for us)

4:40 pm Tuesday, 13th March, 2018

Two Saturday’s ago my wife dressed in her maid’s outfit and white hold ups to play host to her seventh bull. When he arrived I went out to meet him and we shook hands, on first impressions he had a good even handshake (strong but not overbearing) and a friendly manner. He was also more handsome in person than in his pics, which my wife mentioned to him before he left.
I led him upstairs and introduced him to my wife, I say ‘introduced’ they'd been chatting well before meeting via this site and by phone and he had barely made it through the living room door and their hands were all over each other and their tongues were in each other’s mouths. It was a lengthy kiss and she was certainly making our guest feel welcome. 
After they broke their kiss there was some conversation but that didn’t last long as my wife made it very clear what she wanted – ‘Right, well you’d better take me to bed then’ and they started kissing again. The feeling of watching your wife and another man grope each other while their tongues massage each other in front of you is indescribable; it’s a real mixture of emotions but mainly pride, anticipation and excitement. It truly became evident how wet she was for him when he was furiously finger fucking her as they stood there and the sopping squelchy noises his fingers were making were deafening above the music from the CD player. She took out his cock and massaged it to full hardness as he left his mark on her neck. The longer they were stood there the more of his clothes were coming off. His baseball cap had come off and his shirt soon followed, my wife’s hands enjoyed groping around his muscular physique. After much grabbing and kneading of flesh he pulled the top of her Maid’s outfit down and pulled her bra strap down and took her breast from the cup and sucked greedily on her nipple, my wife held his head to her urging him on. Watching them, my cock was straining for release and I was grateful to hear my wife urge her bull to the bedroom.I took my seat in the corner to watch, film and take pics. My wife - now naked - sat at the foot of the bed with her bull stood in front of her and sucked his cock. Her tongue would glide up and down his shaft and envelope his shiny head her head bobbing up and down. Her blowjob skills are a sight to truly behold and an experience to savour. His was a delicious looking shaft of hardness and I envied my wife the chance to enjoy sucking his hard cock. Then it was time for them to reverse roles, he got her to lie on the bed with her legs spread in the air so he could get his head between her legs and feast upon her delicious pussy. The sounds of his slurping and licking mixed with her moans of pleasure and comments of “Oh yes, oh yes, that’s so good” were an enjoyable mix. The sight of her holding his head in place with one hand was especially hot to see. After bringing her to a hot throaty orgasm she was begging him to fuck her, to which he needed no further telling.He got himself up between her legs and teased her entrance with his cock before sliding himself in to her groans of satisfaction. He stroked in and out of her with some smooth rhythmic motions while they kissed. I love seeing my wife be sensual with other men. “Oh god I love your cock, you’re so good” she gasped and moaned. After a bit longer I asked her how good he was and how good did his cock feel – I can see and hear how good he is but I like hearing her tell me. She replied “His cock feels so good, oh god, ooooooooohhh yeeeeeeeeeeees, oh god yes”. “Your balls slapping against me feels fucking amazing” my Wife told her bull with some groans and moans followed with “Oh fuck you’re making me squirt all over you” and he drove his cock into more energetically as he came. This was followed by a bit of kissing and stroking as he continued sliding his cock in and out of her. My Wife asked our guest “Does my husband need to clean me up?” I couldn’t hear his response but she said I would lick her clean while she sucked his cock. He climbed up to her head and fed her his cock while she pointed to her pussy telling me to lick her clean, I didn’t hesitate, I dived straight in tongue first and went in as deep as I could. She told him “You taste so good” to which I agreed. I thought I would like to see things from their end, so I got grabbed the video camera to get a shot of her sucking his cock. Watching this I expected him to shoot in her mouth or all over her face and she ended up swallowing it all. There was some chat while they took a break but it wasn’t long before they were kissing, stroking each other, his fingers in her pussy and her hand working his hardening cock. She laid facing away from him and they spooned, his cock sliding into her from behind. “Oh yes, oh yes, that feels so fucking good” she groaned, “Oh yes, oh yes your cock feels so big inside me”, she then addressed me directly telling me he was “a really good fuck”. She then had him take her on all fours – “Ooooooh yeah, fuck me hard” she moaned, “Smack my ass, treat me like a whore”… “I love your balls slapping against me”… “I love being given it hard and fast, oh god yes”… “Oh that’s so good, oh yes”. She asked him to scratch her so he ran his nails down her back and up her legs, “Oh, oh, oh, yes, fucking use me”. He kissed her back and laid down next her. Still kneeling on the bed my Wife ordered me to lick her ass and of course I obediently did so. When she felt I’d been humbled enough she told me to stop and she laid next to him stroking his body. After a few gentle caresses of his skin she took his hardening cock into her mouth and commenced another sensuous blow job. To get a better view I got up from my chair and knelt at the bottom of the bed to watch. The only sounds in the room were her slurping noises of a wet blow job and his moans and gasps of pleasure. When he came they both moaned and groaned through his climax. She looked me in the eyes got off the bed, standing over me she gestured to her mouth indicating I should open mine and when I did she spat his come into my mouth. I was turned on like never before as I swallowed, this was a first for us.My wife then got on the bed where they chilled and chatted until his hand was suddenly playing with her pussy and her hand on his hard cock. In hardly any time at all he was balls deep in my wife again pounding into her. She was loving it, telling him “You’re such a good fuck”. After taking his cock a while she said to put her legs over her shoulders – “Oh yes fuck me hard”, “fuck yes that’s good” and they both came together. He got off of her and said that he was knackered and my wife ordered me to clean her out. I got between her legs pushing them back giving me deeper access and lapped away at her used pussy.We got dressed and enjoyed a Chinese meal before our guest went home. We had a great evening and intend to see this guy again.

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3:13 pm Wednesday, 14th March, 2018

love these i love to be the bull x

7:43 pm Friday, 16th March, 2018

Excellent, now that's the real life x

10:04 am Sunday, 25th March, 2018

Great story , I bet you loved it ! 

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3:58 am Tuesday, 10th April, 2018

Good times 😏

5:33 pm Monday, 4th June, 2018

Want to try again x

11:05 pm Saturday, 16th June, 2018

absolutely wonderful and sooo sexy story 
maybe i can and help you soon  k x

1:59 pm Sunday, 17th June, 2018

So when is it my turn then? Xxx

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