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A Long, Hot, Wild Ride

1:19 am Tuesday, 13th March, 2018

Car sex in the back seat during a long drive at night. 

Who would not be turned on by the idea? And yet, I enjoyed this, generously --- for HOURS --- with a woman. We were a trio who went to enjoy island hopping. Really, it was about the outdoors in the summer heat that was the reason for the trip away from the city. The heat indoors was something else though. We played before and then after the island tour. And there was a lot more left from the inner heat. 

Still feeling the waves in our tired bodies, I reached for her so she could lean against me. My hands went for her breasts, lightly playing with her already tight buds. My right hand reached down her V. I kissed the side of her neck and told her I enjoyed her that afternoon in the room during our threesome. We both wanted more from each other, so this was our chance to make this most of our time alone. 

It's hard to fully describe the overwhelming lust that unleashed in the back seat. She recently ventured into playing with females. I was the first that she experienced in a threesome encounter. The fact that I saw a bit of myself in her in terms of drive and passion was all too good to be true. I have been a unicorn in this lifestyle for so long, but I have always longed to meet other women who played like me. 

The woman who had now started to go down on me embodied that longing. Her hungry tongue, with all the sliding and curling, was meeting that longing of mine to be satisfied orally. There was no shyness there, and I wanted to give her what she wanted. I had my legs up and this nympho devoured my pussy with gusto. We kept whispering how we enjoyed each other again and again. 

I recalled her moans that afternoon as I watched, just a breath away, our man thrusting into her. I kissed the both of them, caressed their skin. No one really sat farther than a foot away as we took turns coupling. I felt a little bad for making her stay standing up before me so I could eat her while I was riding our man at the same time. Well, he deserved the attention as he did all the driving. He had also missed this woman so much that when he directed most of his energy to banging her on the bed, missionary style, I went behind and pushed her knees apart for her to open more fully. 

By now I asked this woman to sit on my face but facing away, so she could still indulge herself. Not the best position for me to have access to her sweet spot, especially when we were in the car, but I made the most of it. In and out went my tongue, fucking that sweet flesh. I bit her ass cheeks occasionally. She loved being stunned with pain (what a sweetheart!) As I flicked my tongue up and down, I also hit the clit, and that got her moaning. 

I imagined how much more fun it would be for her to open up some more sexually. At the moment, she was somewhat anally shy, yet I couldn't wait for her to ask what being double penetrated would be like using toys, with my mouth working on her throbbing clit as I was doing then. 

She then asked for my toys, and I brought out one for each. Oh what a relief, I wanted so much to kiss that mouth that was enjoying my pussy lips. Also, kissing her made it easy for me to whisper naughty things, and even remind her of what I enjoyed doing to her in bed. 

Then a thought occurred. "I want to get a double dildo for us to enjoy, one that I can use to fuck you doggy, so you can still suck cock," I said. 

As my tongue found hers, I sucked it torridly. Her moans indicated the still high level of her arousal. Damn, we were still in heat. We were not going to rest just yet. 

This time I wanted her to play with herself with my toy as she lay on her back in the seat. The memory of me plunging my vibe in and out of her that afternoon came back instantly. I loved how the juices started to collect at the base of her V, which was visible even in the dimness of the room. This time, our man hooked her legs up with his strong arm, so I could work on her more closely and bring her to intense orgasm. 

Back in the car, she needed no help in enjoying that play thing. Aside from licking her clit and kissing and biting the insides of her thighs, I squeezed the fleshy parts of her pelvic area so her pussy could open some more. Oh the moans...if only words could capture those guttural sounds of female delight. 

So beautiful, this girl, naked in her lustful hunger. I wouldn't want to see her as a human sex toy, but she was like a machine that wanted to be cranked up. And that she was receiving, yielding,  generous, curious, adventurous...precious...I would not hold back any of the pleasures I want to share with her to experience. 

We were nearing our destination. It took some more time before we got to cool down, albeit unwillingly. She snuggled against me and I gave her shoulder and arms a rub, and she feel asleep. 

That was such an incredible ride!

(P.S. I wrote this so our man, who sat behind the wheel the whole time, knew what went on behind his back. I have a feeling that musky scent is going to linger in his memory a while.)

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11:27 pm Wednesday, 14th March, 2018

argghhhhh,... lol ,.. 

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5:30 am Thursday, 15th March, 2018

Six, again, please...

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11:19 am Wednesday, 27th June, 2018

Just read your blogs, wow, definitely a lady who knows what she wants and how/where to get. Your writing is great, and the topics are incredible. Well done.

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