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The first swap experience - part 1

7:26 pm Monday, 12th March, 2018

My name is S and my wife is M. I am six foot and atheltic while she is 5'7 and hot with a tight body and well filled out tits. We had decided on trying out swapping to get some zing into our sex. I am also a secret cuckold and wanted to see M getting taken hard by a stranger. I will tell you our first experience in a two part blog. 
We finally found another couple of similar age. The guy we will call K and the wife is B. Both hot and atheltic. We met them at a bar for the first time to meet and then decided to meet at their house for the first session. M was dressed in a hot black dress that day and when B opened the door I was hard seeing her in a skirt and top. K was in a jeans and shirt like me. We sat down in the living room and had a drink and made some small talk but knew what was really on our minds. M has always been the bold one and got up and asked K if he would show her where the rest room was and he gladly jumped up and took her inside the bedroom and we could hear the door being locked. My cock was raging hard at this point and I moved her to B and took her hand and started to slowly kiss it. She got up and sat down on my lap and started to kiss my lips urgently. I could feel her skirt ride up and I cupped her ass through the skirt. She started to moan and grind against my crotch. She then stood up panting gently and led me to the master bedroom. It had a high four poster bed. She unbuttoned my shirt and started to kiss my chest while I squeezed her tits through her top and started to get my fingers under it. I took off her top and she had a nice pink lace bra on. I took off her skirt while she got my jeans and briefs off. My cock was standing hard in all its glory and she excitedly took it in her mouth while I got her tits out of the bra. B had the most amazing nipples that were hard and big. I sucked and bit them and she was moaning loudly. I was sure she was being heard in the other room and that turned me on more. I got B on the bed and took off her panties to see the shaven pussy with the nice juicy lips and big clit. I started to suck her tits and put two fingers into her pussy suddenly which made her gasp and then start to moan loudly. She then started to hump my fingers and came hard against them screaming hard. She wanted me inside her now and I wanted to fuck her hard. She went on her fours and I positioned behind her like a horse ready to mount the mare. I put on the condom from my jeans pocket and was ready to enter her pussy. The lips were hot and almost sucked my cock in. I was soon slamming into her ass and she was almost screaming in pleasure. I knew I would not last long and soon came and squeezed her tits hard and slapped her ass as I spent into her. We lay there for a while in bed and then heard the other bedroom door open. We got dressed and came out to the living room and saw K and M sitting on the couch. We said good byes and left soon after. I was dying to ask M about her experience and as she stepped into the elevator M gave me a big kiss and thanked me for talking her into this. She said she had the wildest experience..will cover that in the next blog

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1:59 am Wednesday, 14th March, 2018

Damn. That is so good to read

5:25 am Sunday, 18th March, 2018

can we have a conversation for once ??? 

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