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8 Reasons Why Sex Is An Art

2:23 pm Monday, 12th March, 2018

I draw her towards me and kissed her with ferocity and urgency. I could feel a blaze of fire rushing through my body, as we melted in each other arms and surrender ourselves completely. Making love slowly, languorously and experiencing the tenderness as we lay in silence for a long time and our breathing returns to its normal pace.

Thought there was no physical contact between words and the you (reader), but my playful art of intimacy in the above lines made you visualize the scene in your conscious mind. That’s the extraordinary power of art. Thus, sex is an emotion, an art which can felt through words, paintings or craft. You need not be tangled physically to feel it.

Here are the reasons why sex is a an art:
1. It is necessary
2. It is fulfilling
3. It is liberating
4. It is all about emotions
5. It is incomplete without passion
6. It is addictive
7. It helps you to find yourself
8. Most importantly, it sells just as art☺️😍😘

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Bored of monotonous life....Looking to have a good time

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