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My birthday gift MMF

3:55 pm Sunday, 11th March, 2018

Hello all,

The wife - D here sharing our real experience. 
We were in thailand recently and specially planned trip for some sexual adventourous fun. We had quite a fun over there which includes FFM and MMF. Here I am sharing the night of our MMF adventure. After failure of finding some decent guy from the clubs we met UV from the A****. It was my birthday so H specially planned MMF for my birthday night. We met UV at a well known cafe in pattaya for coffee around 8 PM. 

We were little late to reach at the cafe. UV carefully selected the most secluded place in the cafe so that we all can talk freely. On meeting him, we all got our coffees and started conversation about each other. We found him to be very geniune and educated person. All of sudden a europeon guy sitting near our table passed comment on me that "You are very beautiful and sexy lady ;)" to which I passed a naughty smile. He also started asking few more questions, surely he was very interested. But we again came back on our track with our guy. We kept on talking for 2 hours straight, by then it was almost 10****got a call so moved away from the table, H soon came to me and aske****o next?" I replied lets take this man to our room so that we can celebrate my naughty birthday. 

 So we asked him to accompany us to our room for few beers. Giving him some hint about our intentions. He accepted and took hi****ar to our hotel while we walked back to our room. Our hotel was based on adult erotic theme, which had sex swings, 24hr porn channel etc (pictures attached). On reaching the hotel I went to room and H was waiting for the guy in the hotel lobby. I was all wet, naughty and little nervous. Soon H and UV came to the room and we sat in the balcony with some good music and beers. We started talking some naughty things right now. By 11 I was desperate to get in the action, So I asked H and UV to lets go in the Jacuzzi we have in our room.

 I ordered them to undress and get in the tub while I go and get change into something naughty. I found a hot black sexy lingerie, which I put on for the show 😉. Now both the men were in jacuzzi and I entered the jacuzzi with my hot lingerie. I was sitting in the middle o****oth men. Soon H brought a sex dice with him in the tub and we started playing with it. First H rolled and it came "Kiss the lips" which I happily did with H. Then I rolled it which resulted it "Suck the nipples" So I did on the UV. Lastly UV did it which showed "suck the nipples"so, he undressed my lingerie and started sucking my nipples in the jacuzzi. we played one more round where H licked my pussy first and then UV did the same. Cocks were erect adn pussy was wet by this time. H got up first and started getting condoms from bags to keep it on the sides of our bed. While all this time a porn movie of threesome was going on the Tv with high volume. 

 While H was setting up the things, I started kissing UV in a lustfull manner inside the jacuzzi itself. Soon we all three moved to our bed. I started kissing H at first - deeply and sensually. Soon I felt the warmth of UV hands on my boobs and pussy. I moved towards him to kiss and play with him. I pushed him on his back so that I can get on top, I slowly went down to suck his dic****ept sucking him while H was sucking my boobs. This went on****laid back on bed while he came on my top and started licking m****le body. He sucked and caressed my boobs while finering the wet pussy. He moved down to lick my pussy, at same time I felt H's dick on my face which I grabbed and started sucking it. This whole oral fun went on for an hour. I was so wet by now that I just needed some dicks in my pussy. I got on the top of UV so that I can ride him. 

The feeling of a new cock in the pussy was so hot, H was just sitting next to me and watching her wife riding some guy. I was getting fucked quite hard. Very soon the guy reached. I was still so wet so I jumped on H's top and started riding him. He fucked so hard commenting naughty things in my ears while fucking like "DO you like the new dick ?" or "It is so hot to see you getting fucked !!" We changed the positing in doggy style where we kept on banging hard for some time. Soon I sensed that UV's dick is hard again. While H was fucking me in doggy style, I started sucking UV's dick. It was one of the hottest moment. There were mirrors on top of our bed, which made the view very erotic. Soon I changed the partner. I started getting fucked in doggy style by UV while I started suck H. There were loud moans all over the room.

 I was getting spanked, fucked and was giving BJ all at same time. Soon I got on the top of UV, I was getting such a hard fu****H joined in kissing me and started cucking my breast while I was getting fucked. This thing made me so excited that I reached out loudly and just fell on the top of UV. He still kept me fucking untill he reached again. We then just laid down on bed - naked and watched us on the mirror above bed for some time untill UV left for his place. 

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7:38 am Tuesday, 13th March, 2018

Nice portrayal 🙂

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12:05 pm Wednesday, 14th March, 2018


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9:33 am Friday, 16th March, 2018

very erotic 👌

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10:05 am Friday, 16th March, 2018

can you tell me the resort name please! 

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3:51 pm Friday, 6th April, 2018

Its really erotic 😍😘😘

7:49 am Thursday, 10th May, 2018

awesome.... would like to become fantasy friends in the same city...lets connect and see where it leads....

12:59 am Tuesday, 15th May, 2018


4:16 pm Thursday, 3rd January, 2019

Nice 😉😉

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