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What's the wildest wackiest place you made love?

11:30 am Sunday, 11th March, 2018

I remember we were hitch hiking from Sydney to Darwin, what an epic trip that was. So many stories but need to stick to the point. There weren't many opportunities for a quickie conveniently but we stayed at this one guys house on the way up near Townsville some where. They were real friendly and we kept in touch by letters on our travels. Later when our first daughter was born he figured out that my young mrs bride had conceived on his lounge floor that night. He was right, couldn't believe it, never would have thought of it.

We use to do a bit of skinny dipping in those days, me oh my what a treat. Well have you ever tried it out in the ocean waste to chest deep, it's awesome. you can take her weightless and bang away under cover of dark, no lights out there , you can see them on the beach but they can't see you completely starkers making out in the deep. Oh yeah baby, that was sexy! you can hold her up while you inside her and skin on skin her body and breasts on you in your face or you can mouth to mouth same time fill her vagina up with your hot hard cock and spunk her right up as she grabs you round the waist with her inner soft thighs around your torso, oh yeah man real sexy OMG do i wanna do that again?? 

oh yeah have you seen that movie where she's brushing her teeth standing on one leg with the other one up in the air? I took a screen shot hopefully can find it. Well my second wife gave me one of those style roots in the sexy hotel room spa bathroom with mirrors all around.Me pumpin her up with her hot garden thrusting into my cock and she's got one leg up and outa the way for very sexy standing up entrance, OMG that was another special one off, she treated me to that cos I wasn't expecting that at all..it's a very sexy position possibly more sexy than in the deep ocean. When i saw the movie with that scene I was expecting the star actor to give it to her like Michael Douglas  but he seems to be in all the hot roots none as hot as mine but. Anyway I quickly screen shotted it cos it's a very sexy position, and she's in the nuddy and got the bod for it too. Wow

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