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Our new threesome adventure

6:54 pm Saturday, 10th March, 2018

So where do we start, well we've been together now for over 6 years. We have talked and fantisized about having a threesome for a couple of years now, and always been extremely turned on by it, but that's as far as we went. We had hoped that it would just happen in some random situation, but it hasn't, guess watching too many adult films about accidental threesomes or girlfriends best freind had created this illusion. So we decided two weeks ago to actively try to find that one women to share our dreams and desires. So countless apps and websites later we found  this one, we have always been very clear what we wanted, a single bi-sexual or curious women who could help us with our adventure, the proverbial unicorn. Hayley wanted to experience sex with another women and also wants to see me fuck someone else. For me like many men, the thought o****eing with two women is a huge turn on. 

Initially things have been a bit confusing, forms to fill out, verification needs etc, but I think now we have mastered that. So for the last week we are up and running. So the next question is, what happens next??? Do we wait and see what happens or is there a method to this madness. Turns out it's not as simple as that. So more information is key, we always said that we would be fully honest right from the start and hopefully this will help. 

Next question is how has it gone so far, well we will add that story to our next blog. It's had some ups and downs and a few strange chats on the way....... guys any tips or suggestions will be appreciated 

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Fun and genuine and open-minded couple seeks bi female for fun

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