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Friendship and more much more

3:33 am Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

Where to begin.. hmmm well some may have seen my previous posts some not.those who have know i have booked my first makeover things can be complicated for me due to work and other things but already i look to the future and my next makeover but more than this when i am madeover i want to go out.. possibly no definitely to meet someone from here man or a girl like me when we do meet i will be smooth.. sweet.. feminine and above all ready to experience love .. i hope that does not sound corny.. but i want no need to be loved and desired.It will be my first time both going out and being loved so please no young guys i dont want to be a notch on your bed post i hope to meet a gentleman or lady my age who will treat me with respect , be gentle.. patient , understanding who doesnt just want to f me but who will take the time to make love. If you do then you may find i will be very very very compliant. So if anyone out there in the ether is interested to get to know me please drop me a line xxxxx Annie

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