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Sex is Job of purity

12:21 pm Sunday, 11th February, 2018

In the life, many jobs can be performed by human beings but nobudy knows the pleasure and purity of sex.people will see it as notorious act if it will perform beyond the certain rules and customs. in my real story when i was studying at college, many girls are my friend and some aunties checkedout me but i was innocent too. i was very afraid when a bhabhi put my hand on her boobs in dark room my heartbeat crossed 180 and bloodflowing downside that gives me feeling towords manhood.I feel that i was in race of crowd where nobody chase me but i realize that its not love cos m boy and one girls made by god for me i reverted soon n release myself from bhabhi,s bars.i feel guilts and don,t dare to put my eyes infront of that bhabhi because a boy emotionaly attract with a girl.after 5 year when i get job and living alone from girlfriend bhabhies and parents i met newone new experience of life then i feel purity of attraction or can say sex lust not a barrier in love its your own thought that how you will make your own perception about it.convince your betterhalf than cheat and feel purity of sex

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