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My Position Power Hungry

7:16 pm Saturday, 10th February, 2018

YES! I know there are many here who are only here for fun,I am here for it as well.However let me make this clear I am a Dominatrix in every sense of the word I have weird taste but I only put time in those interested.I have no problem speaking with a few but don't be judgemental.I love" paypigs" they make life alot better but i don't mind pitying a few other adorable ones .I expect person to be respectful and share opinions in their own way if you don't like my post I don't care .
B.T.W Subs you know the rules don't poke an hungry bitch
Let my fun begin.

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9:00 pm Saturday, 17th February, 2018

I can't afford to be a pay pig but will roll on my back and lick clean, your filthy feet, for my Goddess, should only have dirty feet if she desires to. If she wants me to suck off some paypig that is here in Vegas where I live I shall. Anything you ask. All I want is to serve....but since my wants are certainly not an issue I shall sit patient and worship from afar

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Madam Equinox ,Dark Goddess for you

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