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Confessions of a Married Professional – III & IV

7:38 am Friday, 12th January, 2018

I went in . as usual I was wearing a salwar kameez and Sheila guided me into the room. While she went out to jot down in the register and ajay was asking the duration of massage and charges for additional massage if any. Relax geeta so saying ajay went away.

Madam would you like a aromo oil massage…Sheila asked me…I said no problem am having a massage for the first time.so saying she handed me a towel and asked me to remove my dress and use the cabinet near the sauna room. I asked her do I need to remove my undergarments too she said yes and went away. I slipped of my dress and stripped totally , for a minute I watched myself in the full length mirror in the room and said not bad …not bad for a 35 yr old. I had 34 b breast which still were firm and a 37 buttocks. Slight flesh on the hips but nevertheless desirable.

So saying to myself I wrapped the towel. Sheila came in just then and asked me to lie down on the table on my stomach. She lighted a few scented candles and then put magnetic eye band and asked me to relax. Just wait madam , jaya would be here to massage you so saying she went away closing the door. I was lying face down with the magnetic strip over closing my eyes and heard the door opening.

Sheila asked me whether I would like a relaxing body massage which I said yes and then she asked Jaya to take over. Jaya started by applying oil on my sole and slowing massaging the sole which was giving me trickles and kneading my toes and knuckling them one by one. Slowly her hand started massaging my calf muscles in an up down manner on both legs. She moved the towel slightly up and started with my inner knees and thighs.

My buttocks were now fully exposed as the she had put the towel on my back and was now slowly and softly kneading my bums. For a girl I thought her hands were quite rough nevertheless I was enjoying and getting relaxed. Jaya put more oil on my bums and was puting oil on my ass crack . The oil was sandal and coupled with the aromatic candles the entire atmosphere was very sensual. A couple of times the fingers went between my ass crack just brazing my pussy.

The sensations were pleasurable and I was wet down under. Then she started with my back , for some time she was nicely massaging my back and neck and sides below the armpits slightly touching my breasts and I was enjoying all the sensations.

Could you turn over madam…a male voice gently commanded. I just sat up , turned around shocked removing the eyeband , wrapping the towel covering my chest. Where is Sheila and who are you. I am jayasurya and people call me jaya. You seem upset madam. You are I stuttered..sheila did’nt tell me …..i did not find words…was slightly embarrassed and a bit overwhelmed seeing jayasurya…other than my husband this guy had seen and felt my entire backside and also felt my nether region…I was literally blushing..he was a short and stocky male around 5’6” in height same as me .

Must be in his forties…clean shaven wearing the resorts customary blue pyjama suit . he had thick muscular forearms dark and hairy and the man himself was dark. Jayasurya coolly said madam…shall we continue with the massage. I was dumbstruck and somehow had mixed feeling on this man and laid down again. Not wanting to see him in the eye I put the eye wrap and laid on my back covering my top with the towel. Jaya slowly again started massaging my toes and calf and was deliberately lingering which started relaxing me.

He came near to my head and started kneading my shoulder and neck and within a few minutes I was relaxed and enjoying a different sensation knowing that a stranger was skillfully soothing my body.

I just started talking to him. So Mr Jayasurya, call me jaya madam. Ok Jaya ….where are you from and how long have you been working here. Well I am from sri lanka but born in India. My srilankan mother was a masseur in a 5 star hotel and my father hailed from Nigeria .you know they got hooked and jaya was born..

He laughed and said so that makes me an afrolankan but settled in India. Knowing I was relaxed , he started massaging my knees and thighs.

The towel remained covering my top half and his oily hands started massaging my upper thighs and grazing my netherregions. I was wet already . I removed my eyeband and was looking at him massaging my body. He was extremely professional but I could faintly see a bump in his pyjamas.

Jaya you must have seen many women naked…yes he smiled and went on with his job. …many german and European women like males to massage…I asked how bout Indian. He said he had given relaxing massages to Indian ladies too.

Jaya …yes madam why don’t you remove your top. Let me also see how you are built. Its against resort rules but since you ask I shall so saying he removed his pyjama top. For a minute I was in trance.

This guy was built like a bear. I mean he was literally hairy and when he moved to take the oil bottle I could see his back too was hairy. Tufts of hairs from the shoulders and chest fully covered with a tick matt of black hair.

He had slightly graying hair on his head but had a jungle on his chest and was well muscled with a slight paunch not a six pack the least . jaya had powerful muscular arms and I was amazed seeing him. I was sliently watching him and had mixed feelings . in my mind I had all wild thoughts running on how it would be to have this beary man making love to me….

Part - IV

He now came near moved the towel down and started with my shoulder and upper chest. My top portion was totally visible and he poured oil on my chest and gently started massaging my chest his eyes looking at my tits and my erecting nipples.

I was shy but still was looking at him . he had some wild look on his eyes when he was moved his fingers over my breasts. Softly cupping both tits from the sides and circling the areoles with his oil stained fingers . then immediately he came on the side and started massaging my stomach region and poured some oil into my navel and gently fingering and massaged my stomach till the groin.my hand was at the side and it accidently touched his groin.

Which I could feel was hard. I wanted to grab his crotch just out of curiosity. To know how his dick would be. I was thinking all these thought when jaya came near my head and started massaging my breasts from top. His hands were moving in an up down motion from upperchest till my stomach and cupping and relaxing my tits. This way he was slightly leaning near my head and I could leterally feel his erection near my neck and smell his body odour.

Surprisingly his sweaty odour due to the hairy body was just turning me on .i told him jaya …you have now seen me naked….now you fully strip….he said no madam I …..but when he looked at me…he just undid his pyjamas and was in his tight jockey undies. I saw the bulge and also his muscular and hairy thighs.

I said ….gulping saliva…jaya don’t you shave your hairs..he said I used to , but now I have stopped. Due to shaving the hairgrowth on his body was faster and much thicker. Do you want me to remove my underwear….i nodded and was eager to see the show…first time in my life I was going to see a naked and hot male other than my hubby.

He went near the massage room door and locked it. Looked at the clock and said only forty more minutes of massage madam. So saying he turned and removed his undies. I was seeing him with my mouth open . his dick was semi erect amid a jungle of pubic hair but still looked big. It was thick too. He came near and slowly again started massing my tits and now his palm was moving in my pubic area occasionally the fingers brazing my wet pussy.

I did not know what was coming on me…I was senseless and I held onto his dick and started moving my hands on it. Slowly but steadily it started to get a life on its own and springing to a hardness. I saw and gaped, this was a huge one…I mean it was long and really thick…like a south Indian kerala banana …full black in colour…

I mean my fantasy of getting drilled by a black cock was getting near I guess…this time by a black bear. I held his dick and he was looking at me but continued to massage my groin . He came near me and pointed his dick which was close to my face, without thinking I just kissed it and started locking the tip.

His shaft was long…I guess it would have been around 7” and 3” by width. I could just manage to put about 2 inches in my mouth due to fear of gagging . his groin was smelling , musky sweaty odour coupled with the aroma of the sandal oil….the room aroma was mixed to say the least . I has totally forgotten about ajit…ajit did have a long about 6 inch dick but in comparison jaya had a monster …blame it on his part African origin…

He pushed me down and went near the cabinet near the table and opening a drawer….could see him wearing a durex….how silly of me not telling him to wear one…but he smiled showing his pearlies…always to play safe madam….so saying he came on top of me and leaned on my body. I just embraced him and could feel his hairy chest brushing against mine and my nipples getting scraped by the chest hairs.

For a minute he was lying on top of me and then instantly started kissing and licking my breast . he licked the cleavage and went down till my pussy and gave a hard kiss down under. His tongue was licking in an up down motion and tickling my clitoris and his lips sucking my vaginal walls….my labias….his tongue went in and I was literally transported …without my knowledge I was moaning….thanks for the sound proof massage room…I was getting hotter and hotter ,

I just held and pressed his head and squeezed my thighs literally suffocating jaya. He was unperturbed and the more I tightened my thighs the more vicious his tongue was…slithering like a snake making me swoon and moan . his both hands were working on my breasts caressing , kneading and pinching my nipples softly while the penis of his mouth was overwhelming my pussy and without much ado I came in a big way…..

Jaya continued to kiss my pussy and licked all my white cream while I was watching him contentedly…..but I wanted the monster in me …..jaya’s dick was still in salute when he stood up…I said jaya its so big…..he said ok…madam you come on top of me ..i don’t know whether you can take my weight on you madam….so saying he pulled me and laid on the massage table…the table was huge and had a one inch cushion with a length of about 7ft and width of more than 4 ft…..maybe it was made for pleasures other than massages…but I was not in the least concerned …………..

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2:23 pm Sunday, 22nd July, 2018

Nice Story

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just to spice up life , if we gel then lets tango

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