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Equal penetration for all - Making a stag

7:06 am Friday, 12th January, 2018

A Stag is a muscular, dominant, strong, competent, and highly sexual man, who is dominated sexually by his wife. She sets the agenda. Pushes his limits. Turns him into a sex machine that other men and women would kill for. She makes him her trophy husband. Many men who are very successful, dominant, and competent in their external life, crave a women to dominant them sexually, because they rarely have someone who is bossing them around in their life.
There are different kinds of Stag relationships, but central to it is that she takes change of all sex, initiates it, orders him what to do and how, takes the dominant position when fucking, fucks his ass with a girl cock, trains him to fulfill her fantasies, and takes responsibility for ensuring that she has the best sex life she can have and that he does as well. She will always do the fucking whether it is with her dick or using his. She will lock him up if needed. She will bite, grab, pull, spank, and rough him up as needed. He submits to her, worships her, and serves her. The Stag because he has been dominated, trained, and reprogramed by his master, is far better at giving cunnilingus than other men and willing to do anything the female asks. He exudes masculine sexuality for his woman to enjoy.
Bottom Stag: A bottom stag is one who exclusively takes it in the ass by the female. You know that this the Stag for you if:
You’re man is very good at eating pussy. If so far in the program you’ve had the best orgasms ever then this is a good indication.He has a small dick to begin with OR he has easily and dramatically shrunk down so far.You’ve always craved cunnilingus way more than riding a dick OR if you have never orgasmed while being fucked.He has a very nice bubble butt.He orgasms very easy when fucked in the ass.You are really good at fucking with a strapon OR better at fucking than he was.She likes gay porn and cums the easiest from it.

If less than half of these are true for you then one of the other options is probably a better fit. If the majority of them are then this version is probably the better fit for the two of you. A bottom stag is usually locked up. He exclusively takes it in the ass and learns to enjoy those orgasms the most. masters in this arrangement will often work to shrink the dick, so that it is not a temptation. If you go with this route then you can leave him locked up and in 3 more months (the 6 month mark) you can start unlocking him for sex. Once you’ve shrunk him down to 3 inches or less you can stop locking him up at nigh and just have him lock up during the day. Once you’ve reached the 6 month mark, you can decide to have him work at increasing the size of his penis again. 6 months of the program will have been enough to firmly cement him as your bottom permanently and the larger dick won’t get in the way of that. But until he regains size you will want to buy him a strapon to fuck you with. These can be a ton of fun since you get to pick the size, shape, and look of the dick you fuck, and it will always stay hard.

The female will often orgasm while fucking him with her girl cock. He will be both muscular and masculine man that submits under the female’s strength of leadership. Often women and their partners who fit this description find the Bi MMF fantasy their strongest. The female and her man will both share a male partner, or fantasize about it. This might take the form of the woman dominating both men or the other man dominating the couple. A few scenario include having one guy eating your pussy and the other your ass. It would look like you fucking your stag while the other guy fucks you. It could look like you getting cunnilingus while your stag gets fucked in the ass. It could look like you and the other guy taking turns fucking your stag. Regardless this fantasy should be encouraged is a great fit for this kind of couple.

Top Stag: This is a stag that you only occasaionally fuck with a strapon and you mostly ride his cock, or tease it with lots of edging and ruined orgasms. But even though you let him penetrate you, it is you who are doing the fucking. He’s laying back and taking it from you. In this version you might have threesomes where you together with him fuck another guy or girl, or both guys would penetrate you and lick you. You can get creative. If you go this route you will only lock him up during sex about half the time. There will be a lot more penis play and it will be very important to reclaim any size he lost so far and force him to grow his dick as big as possible using the exercises given in the link.Switch Stag: This one’s easy its a mix of the other two. You switch back and forth between letting him be a top and a bottom. But even when he you are letting him penetrate you – even then – you are the one doing the fucking. You are on top of him, riding his dick and he is taking it. The only time you would let him truly take the dominant role is if you bring another woman into the picture and order him fuck her, just to show off how good your man is.

If the master like gay porn, or has a fantasy of her Stag being Bi, she will train him to be Bi, and the good Stag will comply and enjoy. In that case the Stag and the other man will fuck her and please her together, or will the Vixen and the other man will please the husband together. Use your imagination. Lots can happen. The other man can be a another muscular dominant man like the Stag (its always hot when two hot sweaty men go at it) or he can be more submissive and femme. Either way the extra man is subordinate to the Vixen and obeys her.

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