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Party hook up, and a darkly surpising first date

12:10 pm Thursday, 11th January, 2018

He had an intriguing look, I coudn't read him. When I left he gave me his email. I was still thinking about him the next afternoon, I thought, "why not, it's just coffee".  We met, hit it off, so I took a chance and joined him for the rainy afternoon for movies back at his place. The best screen was in his room he told me, and as we entered the room with the just the dim light through the curtains, he hugged me in for a kiss. It was a little, pushy, but he was probably just as desparate for some loving as I was. He licked my neck and slid my dress straps down as he stroked my shoulders. His hands slide down my arms, gently pushing them behind me as he held me closer. I heard a click as I felt the hard metal on my wrists - What the hell?

He pushed me backwards on to the bed as I started to object, pulled up my dress and tugged my panties down not right down, but it felt beyond my control, then rolled me on to my stomach. He hopped up on top of me, squatting on my back, kneeling on my arms, and a thick collar was teased forward and back under my throat. I was scared, I was panting in fear, I was excited, I was wet as I wriggled beneath him. I struggled to excite him, then stayed still long enough to ensure he had time to secure that thick, strong, leather collar and lock it. He rolled me back over, turned the lamp on. He had a mask on his face now. He dangled a strong chain in front of my eyes teasingly, then clicked it through the rings on my collar. OMG, what kind of first date was this? Who is this guy? I don't know what I'm in for, but don't want him to know that I may just want more. My breasts heaved as my heart beat fast in excitement. Oh man, that mask makes this scarier, and sexier.

He secured the chain above my head to a ring up the wall. My wists were still firmly secured behind my back, the metal digging in. He picked up some shears and slit my dress down the middle, and cut my panties off. I want it now, please now, please (I'm saying in my head). But all I get is a light stroking, ever so gentle, between my legs, with a leather crop.

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9:39 am Friday, 19th January, 2018

I hove the story continues ....

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I'm out of here, off to meet new friends

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