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Is this site just for fuck u thank you type only

3:35 am Thursday, 11th January, 2018

Hi all I am writing this as I am pissed off I was in conversation with a Australian guy who accused me of being something I am not, pretending that I am not a couple well I am but by partner has limits, I like to think that we all have different pleasures and ideas of what we are here for, but I do believe it is a place for all to respect each other's views or life choices, I like the idea of chatting of becoming friends with open minded people no discrimination!! Is it just about stick your dick?? 

For me I like to think that I give pleasure in return receive not just slamming I think this guy has been stood up once to many times or lied to about being a couple, either way starting to understand why 🙂

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1:59 am Friday, 19th January, 2018

Well, dont mind him. If he is still persistent in accusing you of this and that, better block him.

7:14 am Saturday, 20th January, 2018

We are the couple he is talking about. Decide for yourself if he is "a couple" I have attached his message. Having a partner who will not be involved does no make you a couple when contacting couples in the swinging scene!

"Hi guys thanks for the message it would be great to meet I am in a I unusual situation as I have not played for over a year as my Filipino GF is not into this so I have kept my word, I also have a beautiful New Zealander partner we have in the pass enjoyed ffm and she loves watching me give pleasure to nice girls, even if there maybe no play it would amazing to meet fun new friends with open minds, I am back in Manila on the weekend of the 20 and then 21st this month let me know if you are keen cheers take care mark"

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