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Wifey and the blind fold

2:58 am Saturday, 25th November, 2017

Decided to rewrite the original story to sound more sexy 🙂 
As I unlocked the front door, I asked my friend/ next door neighbor to keep it down just in case my wife was taking a nap. He sat down on the couch opening a cold one while I slipped into the bedroom to check on my wife. Once I closed the door I took in one hell of a view. There my wife was, wiggling ass up in the air naked as a jaybird. Her pussy dripping, begging for my now hardening cock. I smirked as I dropped my pants before striding accross the room, sliding my now rock hard cock home into her moist realm. I slammed her inner folds for a minute or two, her moaning, before I had an idea. A wonderful, and probably terrible idea. I held tight and slammed into her, holding still as she cried out before saying to her

"honey, let's try something new"

She mewed about me stopping but then agreed. So I slid out, walked over to our sex drawer and withdrew our silk cloth we had stored away. We've used it before but never as a head band. I walked back to her and tied it around her eyes, having her confirm she couldn't see out of it. I slid back into her very wet pussy to continue to pound away.

She moaned quite loudly over that. She really enjoyed the blindfold. After another minute or two, I withdrew again telling her I needed a drink really bad. This, again, isn't new as that has happened in the past. So I stepped out, still naked and grabbed a drink. I then walked over to where my friend was, placing my finger over my lips so he would stay quiet. I then leaned in and quietly asked him

"Hey man, you want in and pound a pussy?"

He grinned and immediately agreed. I warned him to continue staying quiet. She was wearing a blind fold. By the time we made it back to the bedroom he was already naked and stroking a cock considerably bigger than my own. We slipped into the room, him as quiet as possible as I spoke out to my wife.

"Whew I needed that drink, honey you ready for some more serious pounding?"

She moaned over that saying

"Oh God yes I need your hard cock so bad"

I look over at my friend and smile then gesture for him to have at it. He stepped up and slid his big black cock deep into her dripping pussy. I saw my wife's jaw drop as she gasped shouting


apparently that was the key word for my friend cause he began pounding into her like she was the last woman on Earth. She was screaming and moaning like crazy. Begging for more as she climaxed over and over all over his black cock, gripping the sheets tightly. I stood back and watched for a few minutes, stroking my own hard dick while he really ploughed into her. After a little bit, he pulled out and using his hands to direct her down on her back. He then spread her legs and slid into her soaking wet pussy, pounding into her again. At this point, she raised on hand up for her blindfold but I grabbed her arm stopping her.

"No, no, just enjoy" I stated with a smile.

I then slid my throbbing cock into her mouth. She had tried to suck on it but all of her moaning was keeping her a bit distracted so I ended up just holding on to her head and thrusting into her mouth. After a little bit of that her whole body began to shake as she let little gasps work their way out instead of full screaming.

I stepped back and went back to stroking/watching as his pace began to quicken and become more erratic. My friend then too started shouting before holding still. I could still see the base of his black cock sticking out and could see the throbbing as he fired off jet after jet, painting her insides with his cum directly into my wife's now destroyed pussy. Once he was done and catching his breath, he pulled out, smiled, nodded and then slipped out.

Once I heard the front Door open and close I looked over at my wife who was still laying there gasping for breath. I looked down at my own rock hard cock, shrugged, then climbed up and slid into her messy hole. She immediately went back to moaning loudly as I took my turn, depositing my own seed into her. We laid there for a little while talking and let me tell you she loved every second and every inch of what happened.

She did ask me who the other cock was. I just smiled, gave her a kiss saying "I love you" then giving her a wink. Now sadly her and I did eventually divorce for different reasons a couple of years later but as far as I know, even to this day she still doesn't know who owned the mystery cock that rocked her world.

This is a 100% true story btw, happened roughly in 2005 if I remember correctly. It may not seem like it was but it really is. No we weren't super models or hunks haha and yes he did just happened to be black and did in fact be bigger than me. I'm just not huge is all. Hope y'all enjoyed 🙂

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