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In the lion's den - too many frustrated males?

4:47 am Saturday, 14th October, 2017

A friend was showing me her **** account and the first thing I noticed was the overwhelming number of messages and chat requests that she had left unanswered. Granted, a significant number of those messages were auto messages. Still there was still a lot to get through or ignore. I would daresay, the same is probably not the same for male accounts. So is this something that sort of mirrors the porn industry where the overwhelming number of stars are female? Talk about being in thenlion's den. Or maybe, ant****onverging on sugar. Do we have an overwhelming number of undersexed, frustrated males, in general or is this just the way things are. Where males are generally more aggressive but while there may be a similar number of females "in heat", they arebjust not as agrressive or maybe picky? What do you think?

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