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A beautiful lady and her cuck

9:24 pm Monday, 2nd October, 2017

Hi guys. This is one of the recent experiences I had. While most of this is true, I have added some fiction to make the story a bit more interesting. It is also my first blog so please do let me know what you think. Enjoy!!

I recently joined an adult website for casual sex. I was kind of very attracted to that stuff so I started to be online and ping random ppl.. well it was hard to get reply . and after many days (omg finally ) I received a message from couple. (All these happened just a few days back) and they said would you  like to meet us somewhere, where we can take it further. We exchanged contact no later We exchanged few pics of ourselves (the wife was like hot. I mean literally. I had almost dropped by jaw after seeing her pic ).

Then we met at KFC and had a meal and casual talk. The wife was looking good in the saree I was oogling at her big boobs while talking. She lowered the pallu down so that more cleavage was visible .

They seemed to enjoy that, especially the wife. and slowly my dick was making a tent in the pant which was visible, as the table was made of transparent glass and it was impossible to hold it after all that hotness.

I tried to adjust my dick and it was noticed by the wife and she signalled her husband and they both started smiling ( I was little embarrassed) and later I also joined them with the smile.

Then we said our byes and left the place. They said they would cal but no calls for 12 days ( I was kind of frustrated) . Then I received a text from the wife saying she wants to talk, so I called her:
me -hi how are you  ,
her -hi I’m fine ,
me-so you  wanted to talk ,
her- ya regarding the choice of undergarments you  like to see me in,
me-aaaaa (I was in a shock),
her-hello you  there,
me-sorry a, I would like to see you  in a red pair ,
her- k then take care I’ll get back to you'

I was in office when all of this happened and was in shock and I had tent in my pant suddenly. I hid my hard-on and ran to bathroom to save myself from embarrassment. I cooled off there for sometime and came back to my cubicle.

Then in the night I got a text from her no.. she was in a red pair (omg I couldn’t believe wat was happening ), then we had a good talk that night. Then on the Saturday morning I got a call when I was still drooling on my bed after a huge late night party with the friends. The sweet voice from my phone asked me ” hi, could you  pls come to our place by 3 pm as my husband would like to see you  in Action today” and I said k.

After disconnecting the call I received a message of the address of the place where I was supposed to be by 3 pm. But my thoughts were still struck on the red pair with the cute boobs. I was tensed while I was getting ready. Then I reached the place it was 2: 55 when I checked the watch

I rang the bell then the house keeping lady made me sit on the sofa and she closed the door from outside and left. Then few moments passed when I heard the voice of payal(cham cham) and the goddess appeared in a red saree. I was kind of awestruck at the beauty. I was brought back to senses with a male voice (it was the husband ). We greeted ourselves. and the husband said do you  like a drink before you  begin and I said he’ll ya.. we had a peg silently and he said let’s begin .

After being asked to begin I was in dilemma as what to do, then the husband asked his wife to start the music and entertain me with her moves, slowly she started to move her hips and making it swirl around. It was slowly building up the tension in air (I was loving what was going on because everything was new to me ) then she came near to me and was dancing very close to me. She took my hands and pulled me up to dance with her. I also slowly started to move along with her on the slow music.

Then I placed a kiss on her cheeks and then there was a eye to eye contact which further intensified the fire in her.

She then pushed her to tongue into my mouth and started to kiss, I also started to suck her tongue. It was a good moment to enjoy those red lips. During this I don’t know when my hands went near her butt. I started to kneed her butt very hard and after that she took my hand and kept it on her boobs. I was pressing the boobs through her saree.

Then I lowered myself to kiss her boobs . Then she pulled the pallu down and open her blouse to reveal the red push up bra, I couldn’t control myself at the view of those big boobs and I jumped on them like a hungry animal. and I was kissing the one while pressing the other one and in this rage I immediately opened her beautiful red bra. I was not in a mood to stop at anything. I went down and kissed her navel for some time.

Then I pulled her saree out, now she was on her lehenga, I tried to remove the knot of the lehenga but it was difficult. She helped me to untie the knot. The lehenga fell down, then there was only one thing that was standing between me and the ecstasy ” the panty” (it is such a big turn on for me) . She lowered it in a swift because she thought that I’ll tear off this as well. Then I saw a few pubic hairs around the pussy. I went near the area and smelled it. The smell was quite natural, it was due to the I believe. Anyways I liked it .

Then I rubbed my hand over it and opened the pussy to see the inside part. It was good view , then I went near and kissed pussy( she shivered at my tongues touch) then she opened her legs to give me room to go further ( the husband was watching as this was going on).

Then I d my tongue deep Into the pussy and started to tongue fuck her. She was enjoying it and was pushing my head deeper into her pussy. I lost the count of time when she came with ( she was making noises like aaaa aaaa aa). I liked the way she was doing it and kept on fucking her with the tongue.

She finally stopped moving then I started to taste her juices. It tasted so good. Then her husband demanded that she suck my dick. She then asked me to remove my clothes and then made me sit on the sofa naked, she then sat on the floor and touched my dick which was already rock hard due to the action . Then she came forward and kissed the tip of my dick and she slowly started to take my shaft inside.

She went deeper and deeper within few moments. I was also feeling good as I felt the warmth of her mouth around my dick. She was sucking it very hard, and I started to push her head down to the end of my dick. She was gagging. Then she adjust herself and then started giving me deep blow.

After few moments I couldn’t control myself then I erupted all over her mouth. She was looking at me when I was cumming. She was worried. She then drank some of it and spit out certain amount of it in a tissue . I was quite pleased and relaxed with what all happened. Then I asked them for the wash room and ran there to urinate. When I was about to finish then she came behind me and ped over my shoulder.

She held my dick and cleaned it with a small towel. She then smirked and said “arey waah...lagta hai tum abhi bhi re shaant nhi hue. Lagta hai thodi aur mehmaan navazi karni padegi” then she held my dick and escorted me out of the bathroom. It was then I saw the husband with a whisky glass in his hand. He had a hardon in his shorts. I believe even he was enjoying the show which we had put on.

Then she asked me to wear the condom. I obliged. Then she helped me to put on the ted condom. Then she jerked my dick 3-4 times as it was already hard. Then slept on the bed and asked to me join her.

Then she opened her legs and asked me to push my dick in. I was facing difficulty in find the exact position to insert my dick into her pussy. Then she took hold of my dick and guided it inside her pussy.

Then I slowly started giving push. My dick was coming in and going out. Then I started to hit it hard. I was facing difficulty in making my dick stay in her. It was popping in and out. Then she asked me to take smaller strokes.

After few moments I asked her to change the position. She said she likes doggy and I said k. There she rolled upside down and went on 4. I also positioned myself with the hole then I started giving pushes deep into the pussy. I could see my whole length was going in.

I was enjoying the moment then someone touched my ass . I was shocked to see that the husband was into it.. he liked it seems.

Then I adjusted myself into the position and started to hit her pussy hard. We both were enjoying the moments.

Then the husband came on the bed and started speaking with her wife.

Hus- tujhe ek anjaan aadmi se cgudne me itna maza aa ra hai?,
wife- ha,
hus- mere saamne te sab karne me sharam ni aati?
Wife- mujhe pata hai tum yehi chahte ho...tumhe bhi toh apni biwi ko ese delh k maza aata hai

Then the husband sat in front of us sipping his whiskey. He was playing with his dick over his shorts. I was pumping my dick deep into her pussy and she was screaming in pain and in pleasure. Then after sometime I came with full . and I fell in the bed to gain some breath. I was exhausted so was she.

We laid with each other for few moments while I was watching the husband kissing her wife’s lips and asking her whether she liked it or not. She nodded her head in response.

This was just one half of the night. Will provide more details about the other half in the part 2 of my story.

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3:40 pm Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017

Great story and pretty hot. IF THE fiction part is little then kudos to you and the couple

8:40 am Saturday, 21st October, 2017

F...g wife infront of hubby relly gud experience specially when hubby like her sceam and she bite with joy

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