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Unfatomable lust of my friends gf

2:26 pm Monday, 2nd October, 2017

Its been five years since my friend is in a relationship. We still do our college duties dati. Until one day we all got drunk that night na dinakmi naka akyat sa kama. I fell asleep, i felt something down there. I woke up shocked na she is licking my dick while my friend(her boyfriend) is just sleeping right beside me. She is hot, and from time to time inaasar ko siya and tinutukso but it never came to my mind na mag gigive in siya sa mga pang aasar ko. She gobbled my dick up and teased me to the extent na nilabasan ako. She drank all of it but she still isnt satisfied. I also want a taste of her since umabot na sa ganun pangyayari.. i licked her wet soaking pussy back and fort.. she made a soft moan and napa kilig nalng siya.. And after that day it never been the same... 

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6:38 pm Tuesday, 10th October, 2017

PM me. I want you.

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A guy who loves adventure and is open to any possibility

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