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The perfect first date with a hot hunk ...

6:02 pm Sunday, 1st October, 2017

My PERFECT first date would be me turning up and letting myself in.  Then slipping straight into the bathroom, so I can dress up, put on my sluttiest make up, my skimpy little "fuck me" red stringy dress, matching red stockings and pleasure heels. 
I expect to be nervous, but VERY HORNY, knowing there is a hunk with a stiff cock waiting in his bedroom for me.  I finish getting ready I go to his bedroom and open the door, its lit with one candle.  He's laying there with a thobbing cock and I walk to the foot of his bed, spin around to show him "the goods", look over my shoulder and tell him "I am SO HORNY"
I then crawl under his sheets and start feverishly kissing his hot bod, his neck, down his chest, slowly working my way down to his c0ck, by then its THROBBING and I go to work on it, spitting on it, sucking it, gagging on it, like a little slut, non stop until I finally feel it start to twitch in my slutty little mouth and then I clamp my lips around it until I have swallowed his cum and sucked him bone dry ... Yummmm.   Then I work my way back up his hot bod and whisper in his ear "I will be in the shower Baby".

Then I slip out of the bed and go to bathroom and slip into the shower.   I get in and lube up my slutty little virgin ass and get it all nice and wet and slippery, because my little virgin butt is SO TIGHT. 
He eventually comes in to see my wet slutty body waiting for him, all wet and lubed up, looking over my shoulder at him.
He slips into the shower and I feel his hands all over my slippery wet bod.  He teases me by gently rubbing one finger up my throbbing cock and rubbing his hard cock against my ass, until I am BEGGING him to fuck me.
Then he pours more lube onto his c0ck and I gasp as he starts to slowly squeeze it into me, inch by inch, and starts to slowly fuck me.   He asks "Is this what you wanted Baby?!"   I say "Yes!!!" 
He slowly starts to fuck me and I BEG him to fuck me harder.  He starts to fuck me harder and I BEG him to spank me.   He starts to spank me and I BEG him to spank me harder, until I am squealing and moaning like a SLUT.  He keeps spanking and fucking me until I am BEGGING him to give my slutty little ass its first good spunking into.   He spanks and fucks me some more until I feel him hold me by the hair and give me a final good deep thrust and feel his throbbing hard cock spunk hard into me and I am so turned on I hard myself and eventually fall wasted to the floor in the shower, blissfully happy.
Then he grabs the lube, me and drags me back into the bedroom on all fours and throw me on the bed, makes me suck his c0ck again, then he holds me by the hair, talks dirty in my year and spanks and fucks me all over his bed like a slut until I pass out.

Then when I come to, I BEG him to do it to me all over again.

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6:32 pm Sunday, 1st October, 2017


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I need a HOT, WET FUCK in someones shower ... SOON !!!

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