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Naughty and playful night

12:05 pm Sunday, 1st October, 2017

After a long search, finally we could get the right kind of couples who matched our frequency.
We like foreplay a lot and adult games are what turns on the most. Intercourse is not as important to us as much as having extended foreplay and getting naughty.

We found 1 couple from (Avi & Su) and another(Mon & SRK) from outside . We decided to casually meet up at a hotel where we had booked a suite.

After the intial talks and 1 round of drinks, Su started to get comfortable n was flirting with all. Everyone could sense each other's anticipation. That's when we decided to introduce our version of STRIP POKER. it was readily accepted and the game began.

What the rules were and the proceedings of the game will make up for a detailed prologue of this blog which can be shared later.
This blog is about 1 of the interesting phase of that night.

Mid Way into the game, when all the gals were in their lingerie and except me the rest of the guys were topless, a moment comes when Avi trades Su in place of his pants. We hadn't expected this proposal to come up as we all were not yet bored of the game nor of watching the slow strip shows.
I asked Avi if he is bored and should we pace the game faster. To which he replied that no, it's because of the game he is turned on n wants to add his ideas too to this. I said, if you are trading Su she will no longer sit beside Avi but between us. Avi said, I would like it if you her. I turned to Su and asked if she is comfortable with that and what she replied was what made me n SRK get our hardest in our pants. Su said, it's been my fantasy to be d and I haven't come across any better situation than this where I can enjoy it. Saying this Su came closer to us n ran her fingers on me n on SRK simultaneously, starting from our thighs n slowly coming up to our lips.

Srk had already started to feel her bra, but I stopped him n said that, if it's a , then it should be done that way. I told Su to go to the bedroom n come back fully dressed as she if she had just entered the suite.

In the meantime I shared with srk what was cooking in my mind. Avi was sitting on the couch between My gal n Mon, all 3 waiting to see what would happen.

The moment Su came dressed out of the room, I n srk approached her with a shady look, whistling n winking like roadside roadies. Su was standing in the middle of the room n we were circling her like pervert sharks waiting to pounch on her meat. We were passing cheap comments n poking n touching her. Su was quick to grasp the scene and she too played along behaving shy n scared. She was tugging to the shug which she was wearing. I touched her shoulder n said, Arey madam, Itni bhi kya dari huyi ho, isko toh aap chod he sakti ho, Waise bhi yahan garami bahut hai. Saying that I took the shug off her shoulders, but as she was clinging on to it, I had to struggle to take it off. She was wearing a semi transparent yellow shirt with a camisole underneath n a trouser below. Srk was fixated on her waist n was pulling up the shirt to expose her waist. Su was trying to stop us from doing that. Then I said to ark, not to waste energy like this but to take off her shirt. I held Su from behind n srk unbuttoned the top 2 buttons of her shirt. After that we pulled it up over her head. Now Su was down to her cream camisole. She was covering her boobs with her arms like they do in old Hindi movies. She was stepping back but I was behind her as a wall, with my hardon pressing against her ass.
Srk got on his knees n lifted up her camisole to expose the waist. Su has a chubby tummy which behaves like a jelly when you slap it. I told srk to find her belly button for which he unbuttoned her trouser. N showed off Su's belly button as if he had freed a pearl from the oyster shell. Avi n the 2 gals in the couch dint know how to react to that. Avi surely was leaning ahead excitedly n seeing what we were doing.

Srk now started to lick Su navel n squeeze her waist. Su was surely turned on n was arching her body back into my hardon. I was busy giving her love bites on her neck n shoulder. I then grabbed the bottle of beer near me n poured it into Su's cleavage from top. That was a surprise move but surely enjoyed by all. Srk was lapping up the beer like a dog from Su's waist n I was making sure no part of her boobs was dry.
I said, let's exchange places, this bitch seems to be enjoying it more than we should in a .
As I let go of my hold on Su, she srted to escape from us n run into the bedroom. I managed to catch her hair (n that was the 1st time she shrieked), pulled her back to me. Su had recovered from her pleasure mode n entered into fight mode. She was struggling n pushing to get away from me. But i had her hair in my clutch against which she says helpless. She was shouting out if pain with her face upwards. I cudnt resist but kiss her mouth to mouth from top while pulling her hair to ensure her mouth stays open. After a minute long kiss, she pushed me away n slapped my left cheek. It was a really strong slap which I could feel the pain. For a moment I dint know what to do, should I continue or should I stop. Then I thot, if she really was hurt, then this will amount to a natural , something such she always wanted.

I slapped her back, but obviously not so hard and push her to the wall. I cornered her n in 1 swift motion I had torn open her wet cream camisole. Her cute white bra with tiny pink hearts was wet n open for the viewers to see. Su was stunned when I tore her top off, but later confessed that it was what gave her an orgasm. I took chance of the moment n dug my face into her cleavage. My hands had automatically come up n we're fondling her boobs over the bra n pressing them against my face. Su was moaning loudly and had almost wrapped her legs around me. Everyone in the hall was turned on by what they were seeing. Srk was rubbing his pants as if trying to cool down his little soldier which wanted to burst into the war zone. Avi who was on the edge of the couch was pushed back by my gal n said, I know u r turned on by her gf's moans. Let us try to relieve you of ur pressure here. Saying that she unzipped his pants n put her hand inside his underwear. Mon was stupefied with us n was only pulling the chest hairs of Avi, which was actually funny if u got to see Avi's expression then.
In the meantime, from the depths of Su's cleavage, I shouted at srk that I m thirsty n get me a beer. He understood what I meant. He opened the bottle of beer. But as I n Su were so entwined he dint know where to pour from. So be simply sprayed the beer all over us. Su snatched the bottle from his hand, took in a big gulp as I was burying my face deeper to find her nipple. She leaned back n poured the rest of the beer onto herself so that I can drink it off her boobs.

When I surfaced up for air, Su dint give me a moment n thrust her lips onto mine almost like sucking the breath out of me. This lack of breath made me come to my senses. The was still not complete. I signaled at srk n he came to kneel behind Su. I lifted her up n srk started to pull her trouser down to reveal her juicy butt cheeks n the cute pink lace panty she was wearing. I made Su land on her feet. I held her by her nipples which were poking hard from her bra. She moaned again loud enough to stop the 3 on the couch from doing whatever they were n stare at what we were doing. Srk had unhooked her bra from behind n that allowed me to pull out the bra while pulling her nipple.
‌Su has an amazing set of boobs. 34D, mlky white, with dark brown nipples having a Dia of more than 2 inches. Seeing those I again dived back to suck her nipples. While sucking itself, I picked Su n brought her to make her lie on the countertop such that her waist below was hanging from the edge of the table. Srk got between her legs n started to suck her panties which was wet with the beer n her juices. I was busy taking care of her topless body lying on top of the table.
Su exhaled out to me, this is the best I have had. I said, don't get carried away already, this is just the beginning. There is still more to come.

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5:36 am Monday, 2nd October, 2017

Sensual read. Very well written. Being active bloggers ourselves, we know what a fantastic feeling it is to pen down the tales. Keep them coming.

11:17 am Sunday, 21st January, 2018

Holly fuck i do cumed here cant wait for next parts post them soon...

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