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In a dimly lit hotel hallway.....

11:01 am Sunday, 1st October, 2017

I know it happened to me, but did it for you?
We met in a dimly lit hotel hallway.
I knew you were ***** , no doubt, we embraced.
You had foresight of my pictures. We spoke.
Your voice wafted over me like warm chocolate.
Dark velvet, that thought entered my mind.
Then, oh then your eyes spoke to me.
Never before had an invitation like that. WOW!
At that point I was yours, and wanted you.
Later in the restaurant, again the eyes , the velvet tongue,
the body language. That damn inviting smile, Leonardo
surely painted that one in the Louvre from thee?
Erudite, similar humour, above all for your fist time “out”
so relaxed, poised, happy. A beauty before us.
Time to sit opposite and take in the stunner before me.
Now I see the dimples, my mind reeled, perhaps some
hidden from sight! Naughty – but nice xxx.
OK, so you had a pro' make-over, but a mere veneer on
what lies beneath, - you.
You took the club by storm, never ever has any one got
me on the disco floor, dancing as we did, and for so long.
You were a bright light that attracted males/females/Gurls
alike. Archaic, but a Babe magnet- sorry!
Three thirty that tap tap on the door. Did you deliberately
leave your raincoat in the room ?
Here I cease, leaving our memories of thereafter to those
concerned. My Lady of the Night, sheer delight. XXX
Thank you is insufficient another meet to properly say
what I feel and need.
Sarah Sept 17.
***** Name withheld.

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Essex high heeled gurl living the life as who she wants to be, and loving it.

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