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Amazing experience with a decent lady.

3:21 pm Wednesday, 13th September, 2017

Hey pals. Here's the most amazing experience with me... Was at a decent lounge amidst London's busy street with my pals ... We were out drinking beer for my pals engagements party. Basically a night out with a group of 10. Suddenly my eyes stopped at one of beautiful ladies in the whole lounge. A stranger but so pretty that could stop my eyes looking at her again and again. After a while here's what I noticed that the same was the situation there. I was down with 4 pints. Still fully in senses, suddenly a tap on my shoulders made me turn around and left me dumbstruck. The lady who was watching me and the one my eyes was looking at is right next to me staring straight in my eyes and asking me let's talk. I couldn't reply. Instead offered a pint for her. She sat next to me... Slowly moved her hand on my tool ... Which I never expected. She said let's go to a quieter place to talk for a while. I just followed her as if have no voice in me. Then after reaching a quiet corner in the lounge. Spoke to her, ... A beautiful name Stacy... Which caught my attention more. She was 30 and I was 25. After chatting with her for 10 minutes came back along with her on the dance floor .... Had a dance for about 30 minutes and suddenly she murmured in my ears that she wanna get me on bed for all night. She took me to her place around 11pm. Had another drink at her place and started foreplay which went on for almost 2 hours. Playing with her body, kissing, licking, smooching her and licked her pussy made her so horny. She couldn't leave me at all. Then the real game started while all this foreplay was on her roommate Svetlana a German language student in the University close by was making some noises, we stopped our play both naked looked around and found Svetlana was watching us from the door ajar. She was not just watching was fingering too... Looking at us. She was standing naked at the door. The moment we looked at her she came in saying am 21 and can join u guys for more fun. That was the time Stacy was shocked. Stacy said are u experienced? Svetlana quoted the first sexual experience and that too a 3sm would be fantastic. I was fine with it. Stacy and me already nude, now another beautiful lady nude with me all had another drink and started foreplay again with Svetlana and Stacy; in no time found Stacy is on me and Svetlana getting her pussy licked and enjoying. For the next 24 hours banging one after the other taking breaks after each sex session and then go on was amazing experience.

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Male from Mumbai looking for married cpl or single women

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