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Sexy nights at Prague Part 2

2:04 pm Wednesday, 13th September, 2017

Sexy Nights at Prague part 2
The Night - Paradiso Swingers Club.It was Friday night. The time of club was from nine pm to four am. During this time entry was possible only between nine pm to eleven pm. We were little late in schedule and reached the club exactly at eleven pm. The club was like a private bungalow with a huge garden in front. Along with us 2 other young looking couples also reached at the same time. We shared the look to each other. Soon the owner of the club came to receive us. He took us inside and showed around the club with his beautiful wife wearing hot clothes. There was a huge room with tables and bar were already many couples were sitting and talking with each other. There was a Jacuzzi, a shower room, a theatre room where non stop porno was going on, a French wall room (in picture), a dark gothic sex room, a massage room and finally the biggest red room. We were given lockers to get keep our stuff. Now I was wearing a shirt and pant while Jill was in hot green one piece open from back with no bra and panty. Soon we got our drinks, lit up a our smokes and went to the bar area. We were super nervous but very excited too as this was first visit and we were gonna do our first full swap !! We were just sitting there sipping few drinks and looking around and thinking how shall we began. We were having butterflies in our stomachs. Soon the couples from bar started getting change into something erotic. Many ladies changed into sexy lingerie and guys changed into hot boxers or just towels. we thought that we should too get changed into our things. Jill wore and sexy black erotic lingerie where one could see her nipples from that dress and I changed into hot black leather underwear. While changing near our locker we met a French couple those guys were also in a club for first time. They were not good in English speaking but  still we were able to talk and know little about each other. Just to let you know those guys were beautiful people. A typical French couple. While leaving the locker room, another couple was there getting changed, the lady from that couple all of sudden pulled Jill towards her and started kissing her and seducing her. But we noticed she was super drunk so we didn't wanna do anything with them. Soon we parted our ways. But before going to room we sat on bar in our erotic hot clothes and played with each other. Having a view of hot swinger couples around in naughty clothes was really turning us on. We thought of visiting sex rooms and saw that all were occupied with so many couples and decided to get there on bed and just go with the flow.The PassageBut, while passing the rooms we saw that French Couple in the passage. They were kissing and undressing each other in passage itself. Soon the French lady started giving a blow job to the French guy. They seemed to be nice earlier in the locker area, so we decided to join them. We went to that couple and Jill asked the lady if she could kiss her ? She nodded yes and the fun began. Jill started kissing that lady and licking her boobs while the French guy was fingering the French lady. The guy was quite respectful as he was not at all touching Jill which I noticed so I hold hand of that French guy and showed the way to Jill’s ass. Now the guy slowly started rubbing her hand on Jill while Jill was busy kissing the French lady. After few minutes the french lady started kissing me while french guy was kissing Jill. Now Jill started giving blow job to the french guy and french lady started sucking my dick. We all four were kissing, giving and getting blowjobs, sucking boobs of each other’s partner all that in the passage. People passing by were literally staring us with all the lust !! Which we were liking it 😉 The Red Room After twenty minutes of play we moved to the biggest room “The Red Room”. Just to inform you guys that all the rooms had condoms, lubs and paper napkins etc. There were **** more couples over there already playing, sucking, licking and fucking each other. French couple we were with in the passage laid down and we decided to suck them hard like the****ve never got before. I started licking and sucking the french pussy while Jill started sucking the french dick as hard as possible. They were literally enjoying and the french lady was moaning really loud. After fifteen minutes they got up and asked us to lay down and now they started doing the same thing to us. French guy sucking hot wet Indian pussy while French lady sucking an Indian cock. It went on for more ten minutes. We all were hot, filled with lust and were enjoying a lot. In between both the couples shared the look with their respective other half if all things are good ? which we really liked. Now both girls started playing with each other. Jill started rubbing her boobs with the french boobies  while laying down and kissing each other. The guys were enjoying the show. After few minutes Jill started rubbing and fingering the french pussy. At this time French lady called me near us and started licking my dick. So Jill was licking the french pussy while the lady was sucking my dick. The same thing then Jill did when french lady was licking her pussy and she was sucking french cock and at that time I was sucking Jill's boobies. After few minutes, both the ladies pushed the guys away in an erotic manner and so that they give us a nice show. Both the girls did “69” on which all the people went crazy and all of them were staring smiling at the ladies. During this we both the guys were proud to see that our girls are the showstopper !! 😉 Soon we guys joined the ladies and got double blow jobs from them individually. Here both ladies sucked our cocks individually. One used to suck the cock while the other lady use to suck the balls of ours. This went for forty min. Now a another russian couple entered our group. The russian lady was very busty and guy was huge. The lady started kissing Jill while she was getting lick by French couple. Russian lady was kissing and then went down to Jill’s boobies to suck them and bite them. Now the russian gu****d a dick near Jill’s face which she groped and started sucking it. So at this point Jill was giving a blow job to russian guy, getting boobs sucked by russian lady while pussy being fingered and licked by the french couple. I was just around her watching the show and enjoying it. Now we were three couples playing with each other. After sometime all the three girls got busy playing with each other and guys were getting dicks ready 😉. Soon Jill needed a break so she came to me and gave a nice blow job. We noticed that there was  a another couple laying beside us. They were from Germany. They looked very shy and were continuously starring us since last 1 hour. Jill went to them to make them comfortable (as if we were pro in this.. lol). Jill asked the girl whether she can kiss her, the german lady was quite shy and but nodded yes. Jill started kissing her, after few min she sucked her boobs and very soon licked her pussy. She licked and fingered her pussy for ten min. The german lady was doing it for the first time but she enjoyed it. Then Jill again kissed her. German lady said “Thank you” as she was very shy and do not wanted to go further so we moved back to our group. Jill started sucking french cock and I suddenly felt something at my cock and to my surprise, russian lady was sucking my dick. I played with her for few minutes, fingered her, sucked her boobs. The russian couple soon started fucking each other and ended their session but we and french couple do not wanted to end the night so early though it was already two thirty AM. We four decided to take a break as we were doing the oral sex, 69 and what not since last two hours. We were actually the "show" for many couples who were just watching us and playing with each other. All couples smiled at us when we were leaving for a break. It was a hot feeling.  The BreakWe four (Jack & Jill and French couple) went to the bar ordered a drink for us. Lit up a smoke and started talking. After fifteen min we decided to go in theatre room where we can sit and talk more comfortably. We went into the room where a hard-core fuck video was being played on huge LED. We sat on the couch with our respective partners and talked little bit about swinger lifestyle, our likes and dislikes about swingers, etc. We found out that our likes and dislikes were quite similar. Soon the french guy asked me to switch the place. So now I was sitting beside french lady and french guy was sitting beside Jill. We talked for few more minutes until we started kissing and playing with other partner on couch itself. After ten minutes of playing around we decided to go to some another room for the final fuck of our night !! The Dark Gothic room. We went through all the rooms and found dark gothic room completely empty and decided to go there as both the couple were enjoying each others company we wanted a little privacy. The room was all dark with little dim lights making a gothic atmosphere. There were also handcuffs and other  BDSM products. But we both the couple were so horny now that we just wanted to fuck. We swapped the partners. I started getting blowjob from french lady and Jill started sucking the french cock. The ladies were preparing our dicks for the final fuck. They wanted it hard. After caressing, oral and playing with each other for ten minutes. I asked the french lady that whether should I get a condom now ? She screamed “yess….. please !!”. I got two condoms one for me and french pussy and one for french cock and my wife’s Indian pussy. While I was getting condom from the table in the room, I saw that Jill was getting licked by the french couple again. I put on a condom and started fucking French pussy in doggiee style while she was french kissing Jill. I fucked the french pussy for twenty minutes non-stop. Soon Jill also started getting fucked in missionary position from the french guy. While this all fucking the ladies were moaning in erotic way that couple passing through our room really started watching us from the tiny windows. We guys were feeling proud. Soon the french lady came on top me and started riding me. Seeing this Jill also came on top of french cock and started riding him. Both the couples were beside each other and while both ladies were on top they were kissing each other and playing with each other while riding our dicks. Soon the french lady reached to orgasm and blasted out loudly with a loud moan and fell on me and kissed me sweetly. Soon French guy also reach his orgasm. We all four shared a laugh and hugged each other. But, me and Jill both wanted more so we started fucking each other. While we were fucking, the french couple were kissing and sucking boobs of Jill. We both reached our orgasm after fifteen minutes of hard fuck. So it ended. We did our first full swap. The EndAfter our full swap we four went at bar. We all shared laugh, talked little by then only **** couples were in club including us. Soon we changed into our normal clothes, had some smokes, a drink and left the club at four thirty in morning. Both the couples shared their numbers and kissed each other final goodbye. We reached our place at six in the morning, we were so horny again just by thinking of whole night and we had a quickie before going to bed. It was the nigtht we will never forget. P.S :-We were not allowed to use mobile phones so all the pictures of club is from the internet. Love,HD82**** Sexy nights at Prague Part 2

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7:43 pm Friday, 15th September, 2017

Hello guys if you are in  surat than lets meet ?

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10:49 am Monday, 2nd October, 2017

Very well written. We too long for such experiences. Now after reading about it from you, the urge has increased. Do write more on the nudist experience.

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