My real story about massage with cuckold couple

9:01 am Sunday, 10th September, 2017

Massaging is not my part time hobby I’m sorry we have loads of them. Haha, have to go. See you soon. We texted each other for 2-3 days, shared contact details and decided to meet in their apartment. I enter their place and the house is full of mess. I have a small talk with the guy.
I was eagerly waiting for the lady to show up. The lady walks into the hall with a baby doll and no inner wear, darn it was HOT as hell even though the lady was average looking and slightly fat but I badly wanted to fuck her. I could barely take my eyes off her. She sits in front of me and all I am looking at are her breasts.
Lady: “Don’t worry, you will get to see them properly” Me: “Just see?”Lady: “ Oh no darling, you will get to do a lot more than just seeing(with a sly smile) The lady gets up and turns around and I see her ass cheeks, GOD they were so yummy, I was waiting to take a bite of them. The lady then bends to pick up something from the ground and that is when I see heaven.
She was wearing a tiny baby doll and as soon as she bent, I saw both her holes. OMG, I can never forget that view all my life. I just wanted to eat both her holes right there. I was 2 seconds away from doing that but she stood up within 2 seconds. I literally cursed the time because it went so fast. Lady: “Liked what you saw?” Me: “Shall I kiss it to show how much I loved it?”
Lady: “you don’t have to sweetie, Follow me to the bedroom” The husband did not speak a word the entire time. It felt like he wasn’t even there in that room. I walk right behind her, waiting to fuck her brains out. She removes her baby doll and lies completely naked with her butt facing upwards.I start applying some hot oil and massage her back for a while and I immediately go to her ass, Oh man it was a really soft tushy and I could not get enough of it.
I massaged it for nearly half hour and I kept spreading here ass cheeks to get a glimpse of her pussy. Lady: “ you naughty boy, don’t tease me by just seeing it, use your fingers on it.” I did not wait for one more second, I just went right to her pussy and started massaging it. She would squirt a little, every time she would cum and that is when I started keeping a count.
I literally lose my mind and start licking her asshole. She starts moaning, “AAAAhhh you dirty boy, eat my ass, Don’t you dare stop” I eat her ass for a while and go to her pussy. It gets a little uncomfortable to lick her pussy that way so I ask her to turn around.
I start eating her pussy and go really deep, I put my tongue super deep in her pussy and she moans get louder. “MMMM that feels sooo good. Please make me cum with your tongue”. I don’t say a word as I am busy eating her out. After 2 minutes she holds my head and pushes it into her pussy, a big gush of cum comes right into my mouth and I just swallow it,
was really salty but I couldn’t care to stop as it was so hot. I cannot take it anymore so I take my cock out and get it near her mouth, she looks at it at says “nice package, hope it works as good as it looks” I say “ you will see my love”. I ask her to suck it and she says “I’m sorry baby, the only guy whose dick I suck is my husbands, but I could give you a hand job”
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