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Position, position, position.

5:34 am Sunday, 10th September, 2017

The property market had been slow, particularly for apartments. Belle had a beautiful three bedroom apartment she'd had on the books for five weeks, but just could not find a buyer. The apartment was on the 15th floor and it's big private balcony looked straight out over the ocean. It was all luxury inside and Belle knew if she could get someone up there, they'd buy it. She also really needed the commission.

Belle got a call late in the afternoon which looked promising. An international buyer was flying in from Italy to look at Gold Coast properties. Belle did some research on the potential client. He was the CEO of a maufacturing company, an associate of the Italian elite and, as a bonus, was quite handsome. Belle knew if she played her cards right the outcome could be be very satisfactory, on more than one level.

After a quick shower Belle dried herself, stood in front of the bathroom mirror and though about what she'd wear. Her short blonde hair framed her pretty face and touched her shoulders. She had beautiful breasts and curves. She rubbed her hand over her newly waxed pussy. It felt smooth and dewey. A Brazilian always gave her a little extra confidence. She decided on a classic tailored suit, tight around the breasts and butt to create a professional and, maybe available, package.

Belle arrived at the hotel to pick up her client. The Consierge called the room and a distinguished looking man in a stylish linen suit soon appeared. He introduced himself as Bonito but told her she should call him Benny. Belle liked him already. The pair were soon in her BMW exchanging pleasantries on their way to the apartment.

Bonito seemed to love the apartment. Belle showed him all the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the spa, and the well appointed kitchen and dining area. He graciously accepted the glass of wine Belle offered. When he uttered gratzi she felt a little flutter. She gestured for him to come out on the balcony and they walked through the glass doors and stood for a moment at the railing to take in the view. Bonito looked towards Belle and this time, uttered, "Beautiful." The sound of his accent and the look in his eyes sent her heart racing and made her pussy moist.

Bonito casually placed a had on Belle's arse which startled her a little. The look she gave him though, was a green light to Bonito and he moved himself behind her, pressing his crotch against her buttocks and back. She could feel his erect penis pressing into her as he bent over and nibbled her ear. Belle's thighs started to shake and she quietly asked him, "Would you like to see the bedroom again?"

In the bedroom the pair removed each other's clothes. Benito kissed Belle passionately while his cock pushed into her milky, soft belly. He pulled away from her and told her to lie on the bed, face down with her feet towards the head of the bed.

Benito had been carrying a leather satchel with him. He reached inside and produced a large, but not too large, device. Her told her that his companies Research and Development people had made it for him as a gift, and we're interested in the details of its performance. The device was quickly and efficiently secured to the head of the bed. Benito kissed Belle on the buttock and slid two fingers inside her. He leaned over, kissed the back of her neck and said, "You're ready, my beauty."

Belle let Benito guide her onto the dildo. She'd never been that fond of sex toys, but was starting to come around. She rocked herself gently on the silicon cock when all of a sudden she felt a wave of pleasure. The cock did a cross between a vibration and a mild electric shock and Belle loved it. She looked at Benito and he was smiling and holding a small remote, looking quite pleased with himself.

Benito kneeled and offered Belle his cock. She took it in her mouth and began to suck and rock back and forth, both on the real cock and the fake. She felt the tingle in her pussy again which made her lower body tense. This continued for several minutes. She soon learned the when Benito felt pleasure he and his little friend gave it.

The pair moved close to orgasm and extricated themselves and repositioned into something a bit more traditional. Belle lay on her back with her legs spread wide. Benito positioned himself over and supported himself with his muscular arms. He drove his cock deep inside her then grasped a breast in his hand and bit lightly on her nipple. Belle screamed and her pelvis shuddered. The sound of her pleasure was enough to cause Benito to shoot his load deep inside her. Belle clenched her vagina on his cock and milked him until he collapsed on top of her.

Belle and Benito took themselves into the shower where they explored each others bodies further. Benito's cock again found Belle's willing pussy while her body was pressed against the glass of the shower. They finished and dried each other off, then dressed. Belle was satisfied. It had been a long time since she'd been fucked as hard as that and thoughts of sales and commissions had left her head.

Benito did buy the apartment. Everytime he was in town he would give Belle a call. She was very happy to go and see her favourite client.

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Lets chat and see what happens.....

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