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Horny and Hungry for Pussy and Ass!!

4:17 am Sunday, 10th September, 2017

We had a lot of great sex.She's married and I'm single.We tease each other in public.I'll put m****nd between her legs and rub her little pussy.She'll rub my cock and most of the time people see us and that's exciting.Knowing that the ones watching are to. She's older and we have great sex.Her husband used to brag about how good her pussy was and the blow jobs.She started flirting with me little at a time for about a year.We used to work in construction together.One day we went to lunch. As we went out the restraunt she playfully touched my cock. That weekend we meet at the motel we used to fuck alot she'd suck my anywhere didn't matter to her who was watching.I'd eat her and we'd even fuck while her hubby was around.She him about us and that I made her cunt feel good even though I'd make her pussy sore for a day.She even set me up with a few of her lady friends and we'd fuck. I love sex.Fetishes submissive threesomes; Role playing doing it in public and I'll fuck you in front of your husband if you want.****

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Here to satisfy sexual desires..

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